Cumbia never dies. It evolves.

After a huge wave of cumbia in the late 2000s the genre got steady and went back to their original roots in most of the countries that the genre is still alive.

Argentina, Colombia and Mexico kept evolving the genre without losing its cultural impact and it’s very much alive and well in the underground scene, although there is an obvious disconnect between the playlists on the digital streamers and what really people listen on parties, especially street based parties.

Latino Resiste’s Carnnibal who has dropped 3 dancehall albums with the label goes Mestizo with the head honcho Caballo to release BADMAN TALKIN’.

A truly mestizo sound that will remind you why Cumbia and Ragga Dancehall are cousins, and when they both are on the same page.. IT’S STRAIGHT FLAMES.

DOWNLOAD IT FOR ZERO PESOS (Or pay what you can option)

Konshens- She’s got it (CARNNIBAL RMX)

Our dancehall- everything afrocaribbean front has been fortified by this epic take on the EDM anthem She’s got it from Konshens.

This is the first single from CARNNIBAL’s upcoming album which we can’t wait to unveil.

Without further ado, enjoy this fusion of Afro-Trap and Reggaeton.

BANGER!!!! FREE bomb!!

CARNNIBAL- Last of its Tribe

Carnnibal ( Sam -Sah- Brukout) , the elusive dancehall producer, finally gets back to Latino Resiste after releasing heavy hitters on different labels. This time the Jamaican inspired riddims expand to all Caribbean West Indian musical diaspora, whether Soca, Calypso, or mode up, Sah Brukout unleashes his savage basslines with extremely heavy drums to grind every single riddim into a bass mayhem that is as contagious as it is filthy.

Politically Charged as usual, Last of its tribe brings together heavywight names like Damian Marley, Merciless, but also LR’s very own Chong X or Caballo to add a complete surround to what the underground and progressive dancehall is about.

Forget Auto tune or Irie vibes intended to disguise the monetary intention. This is pure flames to make dancefloors whine and also soundsystems cry bass.

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Caballo- EVIL OUT EP


Caballo is back for 2017!
Evil out grabs the new approach Caballo is trying to reach to his music. Inspired by Agulo Em Ku Duro from Znobia, the track evolves into a drum madness until the BASS comes to create a vortex where madness dances with African drums..

This time he gets help by 3 of the most unorthodox producers out there!
Legendary Brazilian producer Tiger Blood (formerly EduK), savage upcomer Dav!dX (Miami) and Jamaican Carnnibal.

Dav!dX is the pure representation of what TRIBALBASS sounds like.

Tiger Blood goes Dancehall at first, but somehow he manages to switch the tune into complete moshpit by the end of the 3rd drop.

Carnnibal on the other hand, gets even more African with a Ku Duro approach.

Grab the whole EP for FREE right here whole EP HERE

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Black Metal Elitist Earworm- SKULLDRILL


The heaviest electronic metal project from South America returns to Latino Resiste with SKULLDRILL, a 10 track album in where moombahton, ragga, grime, dubstep and house meet hardcore, djent, deathcore.

The albums starts with Bunda do Inferno. A Brazilian Bahia Bass inspired track that has obviously a big influence of grindcore guitars and then Moombahton.

There is even a short 1 minute video to see the madness of this track !

Black Metal Elitist Earworm- Bunda Do Inferno from caballo on Vimeo.

Then the album moves to Grime with some death metalish vibe on this track March to the Slaughter, which is a rendition of that epic underground grime death scene from UK’s one and only hostile

Hardcore guitars and house, in fact deep house, seem to be antithesis to each other, somehow BMEE pulls it off on Electronic Douche Horns. Maybe inspired on Paris hilton doing the horns, or Steve Aoki wearing a rancid t-shirt

Being the head of the label and no stranger to Death Metal, we see Caballo back again on the vocals helping the Black Metal Elitist Earworm to get deeper into the hell-ride and actually giving title to the track and album with SKULLDRILL.
Penetrating your brain with an absolute insane metal-bass track

Dancehall’s front on Latino resiste is usually taken care by CARNNIBAL, so when the BMEE had a dancehall-metal inspired track, the elusive producer got his hand on the main draft, and morphed into this bomb called Movie inna TV

Djent and EDM. Why not. Here’s an edit of Meshuggah’s Bleed.

Doom and Gothic Dancehall Meet trap VS Heavy guitars. But the real question here is

Bacondo, yes, the Andean Bass one, those guys who have been killing mainstream radio with their Andean EDM secretly submitted stems, and the result is a Moombahton-Metal track

This is the calm before the storm

Closing the album, the most intense track of them all.
An edit of I am colossus that needs no introduction once you hear the first 20 seconds.

The amazing art was done by our creative department at CUANTIKA STUDIOS


Carnnibal- Murderah


Carnnibal is back to the Latino Resiste Family with a whole new album called Murderah.

Since his debut EP, we have seen the prolific Dancehall producer exploring a great variety of bass.

Murderah is not exception.

Enjoy this amazing dancehall & left field Dancehall album via Bandcamp.

Empire Isis- Ignite EP

ignite pic

Empire ISIS first single from upcoming 5th album “GANGSTRESS NATION” produced by Truckback records in Kingston Jamaica, back to her Dancehall Reggae roots!

Get the tune HERE
But if you also want to have a freebie

Empire ISIS also joins Mal Dicen, to drop her Single IGNITE with 2 remixes,

a remix of Carnnibal,

and a slow-Morrocan-inspired dembow remix from Latino Resiste’s Caballo.

Download link for the EP
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CARNNIBAL- The Left Field Dancehall Experience


Carnnibal is back to the Latino Resiste Family, after an amazing debut EP!

Now the good news are: with a whole Album!
In where dancehall meets Jamaican- West- African Roots; but also keeps the Left Field approach that earned Carnnibal a shout in UK’s The Guardian music section, as well as some highlights in several blogs.

Still elusive to social media, Sah Brukout aka Carnnibal, prefers his music to do the talking.

It is a fundraising EP, in which all collected money will be reinvested in the Latino Resiste – Mal Dicen page so we can keep giving away more fantastic underground music for Free.

Carnnibal designed this is as an album, to be heard in the whole context, as it evolves from eclectic Dancehall to Moombahton, but also some tracks have a flip, in where the listener can find not only usual bounty riddim but also some patterns of Jamaican riddims as pounder, and Caribbean Elements of gwo ka, tambour, ti bwa and biguine vidé are prominent in the album.

The album also has his minimal Bass approach.

Edits from Dancehall Kings Vybz Cartel, Damian Marley, Capetlon, Elephant Man & Tommy Lee, get blended with Original tunes featuring Ragga Twins, Diane Charlemagne.

But there is more, so this is Carnnibal’s statement about his album:

The Left Field Dancehall experience.
Mi a drop it on di mad decent site via bandcamp mad cheap for ya’ll t chip in. Edits from Vybz, Junior Gong, Raggatwins,

All di while mi wanted to do an album that could do both, keep the bruk out and respect the foundation.
Dancehall has been haunted by auto tune and samfi men who even live inna stoosh place right in Kingston. Sight?

Mi wanted to Move yu backside like uno yu.

But Mi see Bobo dread still rocking di batty-hate tunes so mi edited two of em so dey can see that we need to respect everyone in and out of the island, cuz there’s still pyur sufferation inna gwaan inna di ghetto for dis bros & sistahs.

Dis album is a whole experience, one needs to listen from tune 1 to end. no singles. Let’s go back to di whole album.

Carnnibal- Which Crime mi a talk

lion 2

Finally, the wait is over.
LATINO RESISTE unveils our first Jamaican-inspired release.
Videos and tracks are insane.

Carnnibal’s debut EP is finally out. GET THE ALBUM HERE
Which Crime mi a Talk


Different approach to the genre, TWERK


Our homs from PURA CREMA TV made this amazing video

There is a FREE track (100 Downloads) to support the release, if you are into trap/space bass

But if you are more into Major Lazeresque approach then this banger called RAS TRENT is for you

Shitstem explores high pitch cymbals and deep bass


Last Track of the EP features Iconic Spanish Dancehall pioneer Paul de Swardt!!

FIVE BUCKS. All this OG wicked music for less than a beer in a club!!
Support the artist! GET THE ALBUM HERE