Therapy For Pain- Hostile


There has been a gap between what the public defines as avant-garde music and what actually has been published by the bands.
Without any doubt the last 4 years there has been a huge increase of high quality metal albums from all over the globe, and obviously thanks to the digital era, Latin Bands are also releasing more albums than ever, that being said, most of the bands grab a familiar approach, that leaves room for other projects to explore what it should be defined as “metal latino”.
Therapy for Pain returns after a 5 year hiatus with a new Album called Hostile.
This time the project leaded by caballo approaches Grindcore, Death Metal and Hardcore and blends it with elements of grime, Breakcore and Industrial.

Download the album for FREE or pay what you can option

The album covers a specific pattern of how we all are active and passive players in the doom of our own society by engaging in inaction will promoting the opposite in the virtual/social media world.
Like Hipocresia

Borrego al Matadero reveals how many of us refuse to be a sheep of the system, to simply die everyday on the slaughterhouse in the pursue of paying bills while balancing a ‘happy and successful life’

All lyrics are in Spanish except Shove it which is a tribute to Deftones, with a twist, as you might understand in the lyrics, never ever satisfied, all the things are glorified, all I do is to collect, all I do is to pretend…

Credits: ART by Sebastian Martinez, head-moncho of CUANTIKA STUDIOS
The Vocals were recorded at Ed Ardilla Studios by Gux Swadharma
Lyrics and arrangements by Caballo
Most of Music was made by Hostile

If you like any of these genres: metal, death metal, grime, metal latino, metaLatino, grind, hardcore, Black Metal, then!!!!! this is for you!!!

Mercado Negro- Perpetua Penitencia

Mercado Negro is the second #metaLatino project from Latino Resiste.
This time an ensemble with musicians from Argentina, Germany, Canada and Colombia get together to combine all the ferocity of the metalmedallo musical aesthetic with the aggression of Swedish death metal of the 90’s without losing the compass of originality in terms of Latin Metal of late 2010’s should sound like.

Heavily influenced by the sound of Puya’s Whisker Biscuit, Sepultura’s beneath the remains, or Reencarnacion’s 888metal as well as the likes of At the gates, Entombed, Unleashed or Asesino; Mercado Negro combines dirty guitars and unpolished hard/grindcore vocals with clean massive drums and bass to unveil a debut EP called PERPETUA PENITENCIA.

You can download it for #zeropesos (FREE!) in whichever format you want.
MP3 > Download Link (only 53MB!!!!!)

Or full WAV, Aiff, HDMP3 directly via Bandcamp as well as individual tracks should you prefer.

The main single is Move it,

Although this 6 track EP opens with Ebrio de Poder which brings Brazilian percussion meeting 90’s thrash with a bold statement for those who are in power, not only in the political field but also in corporation levels.

Perpetua Penitencia is the EP Title as well as the statement towards how society believes Money and “connections” are the goals the maintain oneself on top of the pyramid regardless of the personal or spiritual consequences.

Vibora Rastrera is a pure blast of hardcore with clean guitars breaks that criticize all the fake friends whose evil spirit only want to diminish ones achievements if these do not benefit them personally.

Piel de Oveja is a heavy reference to Puya’s Whisker Biscuit in terms of music, while lyrically is a call for action to unveil those wolves who camouflage under sheep’s clothes to disguise their real intentions which are the profit from our desires and dreams, whether we are pure resilient or heavily into consumerism, the wolves have a market that will fit any merchandise you need, a che-guevara pin, or a bob marley hat to a super exclusive 1 million dollar watch, it doesn’t matter which part of society you play, there is going to be a wolf ready to eat your money.

Last but never least a rendition to one of the most symbolic songs from the most well known Latin American metal band in history.

Some Quotes about the release:

” Mercado Negro thrashes like the bastard child of Sepultura and Brujeria. Perpetua Penitencia is the most fun and also the most genuinely vicious debut metal release I’ve heard in ages” B. Bryan (Noisey, MTV)

“Mercado Negro me transporta en el tiempo a mitad/finales de los noventa con una música con una base en ritmos con bastante groove y un feeling de despertar latino. Mientras que temas como Vibora Rastrera o Perpetua Penitencia se quedan un poquito cortos en producción y tienen mas un sonido de demo el tema Move It suena con una produccion mucha mas cuidada y con un desarrollo vocal bastante elaborado que me recuerda a lo mejor de Skindred. Suena increible ese tema!!!
En general muy bien y bastante nostálgico.” Kike Valderrama (Headcrusher, Sol de Sangre)

“Tiene el sello Latino Resiste… Eso es garantía de sabor latino. Es un extraño viaje al pasado con sonido moderno. Creería que tiene lo mejor del mundo del metal latino con retazos de metal europeo. A veces no se si bailar o cabecear” Viejo Jaymz (Creador 4eedc Fest, Metal Host, 4eedc mastermind)

Mercado Negro:
All Music and Lyrics: Caballo tracks 1,2,3,5
Leandro Achinelli (guitars on tracks 1,2,3,6)

Track 6 Roots Bloody Roots by Sepultura
Track 4 Move it. Music by Silb (Germany) featuring Foxn and Caballo

Vocal recording by Gux Swadharma in Ardila Studios (Bogota, Colombia)

Mix and Master by Caballo
Except track 6 by Gux Swadharma

Black Metal Elitist Earworm- SKULLDRILL


The heaviest electronic metal project from South America returns to Latino Resiste with SKULLDRILL, a 10 track album in where moombahton, ragga, grime, dubstep and house meet hardcore, djent, deathcore.

The albums starts with Bunda do Inferno. A Brazilian Bahia Bass inspired track that has obviously a big influence of grindcore guitars and then Moombahton.

There is even a short 1 minute video to see the madness of this track !

Black Metal Elitist Earworm- Bunda Do Inferno from caballo on Vimeo.

Then the album moves to Grime with some death metalish vibe on this track March to the Slaughter, which is a rendition of that epic underground grime death scene from UK’s one and only hostile

Hardcore guitars and house, in fact deep house, seem to be antithesis to each other, somehow BMEE pulls it off on Electronic Douche Horns. Maybe inspired on Paris hilton doing the horns, or Steve Aoki wearing a rancid t-shirt

Being the head of the label and no stranger to Death Metal, we see Caballo back again on the vocals helping the Black Metal Elitist Earworm to get deeper into the hell-ride and actually giving title to the track and album with SKULLDRILL.
Penetrating your brain with an absolute insane metal-bass track

Dancehall’s front on Latino resiste is usually taken care by CARNNIBAL, so when the BMEE had a dancehall-metal inspired track, the elusive producer got his hand on the main draft, and morphed into this bomb called Movie inna TV

Djent and EDM. Why not. Here’s an edit of Meshuggah’s Bleed.

Doom and Gothic Dancehall Meet trap VS Heavy guitars. But the real question here is

Bacondo, yes, the Andean Bass one, those guys who have been killing mainstream radio with their Andean EDM secretly submitted stems, and the result is a Moombahton-Metal track

This is the calm before the storm

Closing the album, the most intense track of them all.
An edit of I am colossus that needs no introduction once you hear the first 20 seconds.

The amazing art was done by our creative department at CUANTIKA STUDIOS


Latino Resiste presenta RADICAL

Para Flickr


Un compilado con lo mas eclectico de las tendencias agresivas Suramericanas.

Descarga Gratuita para usuarios de Windows y Linux HACER CLICK ACA

Descarga Gratuita para usuarios de MAC, HACER CLICK ACA

Pero que es Radical? Radical significa que afecta la raiz.

El compilado como su nombre lo indica, es RADICAL; tiene dentro musica que definitivamente encaja en ese adjetivo, pero ademas es una caja de pandora donde el que la abre tambien puede re definir su concepto de radicalismo.

Sinergia, Cuentos de los Hermanos Grind, Circus Circus, Compadres Recerdos, entre muchos mas nos llevan por un recorrido extremo en las tangentes mas eclecticas del metal. Sin perder la identidad latina, ni el sonido agresivo.

Somos concientes que el compilado sera polemico y en cierta manera incomprendido por falta de contexto.

Varios posibles escenarios para quien oye el compilado son, primero: Que piense que es algo gracioso y/o que no le guste porque no es su tendencia.

Sin embargo, esa persona pide a empresarios y gobierno que lleven buen metal a su ciudad, y se queja de la falta de apoyo al metal.

Para ese tipo de persona es este compilado.

Para que comprenda que solo cuando se genera identidad COLECTIVA latina, y cultural es posible cambiar el curso del presente, para tener un futuro cohesivo.

Si, existen letras “chistosas” dentro del compilado. Sin embargo el humor es una manera de hacer entender un acto puntual y referente social. ( lease voto latino de Molotov)

Segundo Posible escenario:

Que le gusten unas cosas pero no otras. Es lo ideal, que evalue su criterio.

Que expanda el horizonte sonoro, pero sobretodo, que tenga argumentos validos, y referencias claras, tanto en contenido lirico, como musical, para que cuando algun festival diga que se hizo lo posible por tener “diversidad”, existan pruebas donde se verifique que SI HAY PROPUESTAS DIVERSAS, que estan musicalmente bien producidas, que sus miembros tienen trayectoria en escenario, que mantienen una identidad latina y que mantienen, independientemente de su tendencia, una VISIBLE influencia de rock y/o metal.

Otro posible escenario: Que quien lo escuche le parezca una falta de respeto con “el rock” y el “metal”.

Ahi vamos a ser absurdamente claros sobre tres cosas: Identidad, Hecho y Criterio.

Esto suena latino. No sueco. No Gringo. Latino. Simple.

Falta de respeto hacia el oyente:
Es ahi donde el contenido lirico es importante.

Y es ahi donde entra a prevalecer el hecho VS el criterio.

Las letras de sinergia son fulminantes y estructuradas, sin embargo alguien podria decir que su musica no.

Cuentos de los hermanos Grind, es devastador; sin embargo sus letras son un acto permanente de sarcasmo.
Inclusive EN VIVO son contundentes pero es inevitable no tener una sonrisa cuando uno ve al guitarrista de la mascara de lucha.
Vealo ud mismo

Cada cual ve la agresividad desde diferentes perspectivas.

Para esas perspectivas es este compilado.

El escenario ideal es que quien lo baje, lo escuche atento.

Entienda que las tendencias agresivas, se alimentan tambien de otros generos, y que siempre existen tangentes donde estos convergen. Este es un recorrido a esas tangentes.


Cuando hablamos con metaleros suecos, daneses, canadienses, alemanes, polacos, y gringos, y decimos que hacemos metal “latino” .. ellos esperan no escuchar una copia de su propio sonido. Algo autentico, algo real. Algo con identidad, en castellano. Ellos oiran esto, sin el prejuicio, como nosotros oimos lo de ellos, sin darnos cuenta que el metal es el genero de los marginados sociales, los “white trash”, los radicales.

No caigamos en la falsa esperanza de sonar internacional, cuando no apoyamos lo propio. Lo latino. Lo Pesado. Independientemente de un gusto personal. Aca estamos apoyando lo mismo, somos (metaleros) nosotros contra nosotros mismos, O somos una escena que se ayuda mutuamente.

Descarga Gratuita para usuarios de Windows y Linux HACER CLICK ACA

Descarga Gratuita para usuarios de MAC, HACER CLICK ACA

Como siempre!! Esto sale con respaldo de las bandas y bajo licencia de CC.

Latino Resiste presents Metal Latino

Latino Resiste Presents METAL LATINO


This is a work that has taken us more than 8 months, gathering and checking production styles, subgenres, countries, and “creative” skills. But the most important part is that we want to achieve something more important:

There were two main factors why we decided to do this: even though Metal is huge by itself in their own underground scene, rarely Latino Bands make it outside their own countries, and second, there is a “radicalism” between elitists who barely listen different genres except their own tastes.

Having those factors in mind, we started a selection process from Bands from all over the Continent, From Argentina, to Canada, we travelled and listened to hundreds of bands, each one great at their own, so the selection process was very hard.

Our first pick was Dia de los Muertos.

Because it had everything we needed, great production, amazing sound, but overall, a pure Latino sound: including A FEMALE VOCALIST!!

Our selection included Carcass’ singer (Jeff Walker) huge Collaboration with Dia de los Muertos, but then we changed it to one that we felt could fit better, MALDITO X (from Asesino, Static x) drops his style in SIGO SIENDO EL REY.

Starting the compilation with a song that is THAT strong, we knew we where going thru the right path.
Metal Latino drops 21 tracks, each one represents a whole trend, a whole movement behind, not only the subgenre, but also the effort, production and passion from the bands.

We will drop the info about those 21 indeed, (bottom part of the post) Although some of those MUST BE HIGHLIGHTED, as they represent what Latino Resiste is about. Gathering together well known and unknown people; towards one identity: LATINO UNITY.

Puya/Ankla founder Ramon Ortiz, decided to unveil his very own and unreleased track Resake, a song that blends brutality, virtuosity, and latino roots.

Eutanasia, the iconic band that had almost a two decades hiatus, comes back to unleash all the aggression from 90s thrash death with a 2012 sound.

Colombian Headcrusher , Mexican Here Comes the Kraken, and Chilean Nuclear are here to prove why they are ahead of the game in their own terms.

But the real highlights are the unknown for many, these bands which have to sacrifice their own savings to record. Some have only a computer and a cracked recording software, and still can compete with well known acts.

This is also something we want to be truthful. You will hear all the production differences as is.
A unique approach that keeps Metal for the masses, and elitists.

Experience the whole compilation, and then share it.


METAL LATINO reveals regardless grindcore, black metal, Nu Metal, Thrash, Hardcore, Death, Deathcore, Fusion, or whatever style you find in the compilation, We (Latinos) have a lot to be proud, a lot to still discover between our own continent, a lot of bands to support, either LIVE or RELEASES, and especially.. We sound as good (many times even better) as American/European bands.

The reason why we haven’t reached further, might be between us. Let’s all unite. Latino Resiste!


With a Creative Commons license, we ensure bands keep their copyright but allow people to copy and distribute this work provided and give them and us credit
Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Art was made by the Excellent Mexican Artist OMEGAZ
whose style brought an incredible fresh vibe to the Metal Scene, by avoiding the stereotypical “calavera” while keeping it dark

Inside the album you will find Two Wallpapers (click to enlarge)

Now this is How Metal Latino was created:

In August 2011 Latino Resiste opened the spot for a new compilation.
And we had to get in touch with Alfonso Pinzon, who is one of the most relevant Metal Heads in the US scene, whose label Cinismo Records has dropped some of the most wicked discographies.



Dia De Los Muertos, gets two tracks, opening track, and a featuring with Maldito X at number 12. (music submitted by Alfonso Pinzon himself)

Here Comes the Kraken, in the second spot, unveiling all the power of this amazing Mexican band ( music submitted by Tore Rangel)

Canadian/Colombian Therapy for Pain, drops their unique style, (Ex-obscurum was set as Free CC release)

Headcrusher’s Let the blood run is one of the most aggressive metal releases of 2012, and they easily earned a spot, the difficult part was selecting which song from their album. ( Music submitted by Gustavo Valderrama)

Dar Sangre, Axial from Argentina, and Mexican grindcore Nasty Pig Dick set their albums for Free Release, and they were submitted via blog submission.

DNR Brasil are a extreme band, and they are releasing this song Controle Inativo, submitted by the band themselves via METAL LATINO soundcloud.

Eutanasia, returns after two decades, with a new album called We Belong to the Shadows. ( Music allowed by Walter Tamayo)

Puya/Ankla founder Ramon Ortiz, is perhaps, the biggest addition in terms of “name” to the compilation, an amazing artist whose bands have been headliners in ozzfest and working with oscar/grammy winner Gustavo Santaolalla among more great achivements, but at the same time humble enough to drop not one, but two tracks, and even greater, an UNRELEASED track

Instrumentos de cuerdas-Ramon Ortiz,bateria y percusion-
Oscar Santiago(grabadas en Redemption Studios,Bayamon,Puerto Rico con Sakko-ingeniero),
producido y mezclado por Ramon Ortiz y Nick Page,masterizado por Kingnaldo,ANKLADO Publishing,BMI 2012.

Next Spot is fullfilled by Decode, an impressive post metal band, featuring members from La Pestilencia, Agony among many others 90’s metal band. This band dropped one of the best metal submission over all. ( Music allowed by Cesar Botero)

Argentinian Leandro Achinelli’s project Leechmaster, is the closest thing to Opeth’s folk side we found in the continent, impressive song, which keeps all the dark side without losing melodic patterns.

Chilean mega Band, NUCLEAR, who have opened for Slayer, Testament and many more also keep it real and they had no problem submitting their song Defleshed. ( Music submitted by Punkto Sudy)

“El Sagrado” from Los Angeles, Originally from Colombia, a four piece Hardcore/Metal band founded in 2.002 and currently formed by: Jhon (Vocals), Alice (Guitar), Pájaro (Bass) and Mauricio (Drums) The song is called “Asesino” from our cd “Divino Dolor” labeled by Cinismo Records, and also sponsored by Fernandes Guitars, Krank Amps, Hiwatt Amps, Ernie Ball and Coffin Case.

Mexican Black/extreme Metal Erebus Redemption made their way by submitting a great self produced song called the illusion of the 2nd circle, ( Music submitted by the band itself)

S26 from Buenos Aires unleash a song that represents everything we stand for. if you understand spanish:

Sin Salida submitted their anthem Sin Salida ( Submitted by Alejandro Corredor)

Music & Lyrics by Alejandro Corredor
Produced by Sin Salida
Recorded by Alejandro Corredor & Andres Jaramillo
Mixed & Mastered by Alejandro Corredor

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Black Metal Elitist Earworm- Mindless Obscure Abominations

Black Metal Elitist Earworm is a side project from Caballo, which blends Black & Death Metal with Electronica.

Mindless Obscure Abominations by Black Metal Elitist Earworm

The EP has 4 Tracks, each one covering a subgenre of both, Metal & Electronica.

We know this one might be the most ecclectic EP The Rebel Records has ever released, but after supporting acts like The Algorithm or Den5hion, we feel we are going in the right path for an open minded audience.

Highly Recommended!
Read the description in Bandcamp and Have a laugh!

Music by Caballo & your mom

The Algorithm- The Doppler Effect & Critical.Error

Think Aphex twin, Squarepusher meets Meshuggah!! This is a good description of The Algorithm’s music.

The guy behind this french awesome music is Remi Gallego and with only two brilliant albums, and one coming up in 2012

The Doppler Effect & CRITICAL.ERROR this guy has launched a whole genre!!

For the people who is into the aggressive tendencies, and also like dubstep and ambient electronica, this is the perfect FREE album for you.

The Algorithm’s Isometry

Now we are super happy of getting our hands in not just one but two free albums!!!

Courtesy of Latino Resiste’s artist sub label: THE REBEL RECORDS and The Algorithm

GET THEM HERE!!! Totally Free

This is something you’ll find in the album:

Access Denied ( in case you arent into the aggressive tendencies; make sure you listen til 1:25 drop and then you won’t let it go til the end!!)

and also the 3 parts of Kernels ( this is part 2)


and Follow TRR’s soundcloud, and get some more cool free stuff private n exclusive for followers!!!
right here


Many of us like Aggresive tendencies, and also bass, cumbia, baile funk and more “latin” flavored rhythms!!
TropicHELL is a 6 tracks EP made by some of the craziest producers from Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil and Colombia
who got Sepultura, Slayer, Obituary and Satyricon for a twisted ride into the tropicHELL!

also there’s a BONUS TRACK from Jairo Mendez!!


and Jairo Mendez Bonus Track

Brazilian super band Sepultura got 3 edits!!
A bass one by Pedro Infame from Venezuela , one cumbia by Colombia’s Caballo and one brazilian funk made by alsobrazilian mashup master Brutal Redneck.

Slayer ( which has a Chilean singer and a Cuban drummer!!) got a sick treatment by also Chilean LATA.

Obituary and Satyricon got a rave and 3ball/tribal edits respectively made by Monterrey’s Ezekiel!!

soooo… no more blablabla..


The Rebel Records Present tropicHELL
Metal meets Latin Flavor!!!
Sepultura- Roots Bloody Roots (Pedro Infame rmx)

Slayer- Al sur del Cielo (lata rmx)

Sepultura- Biotech is Cumbzilla ( Caballo rmx)

Satyricon- Dark tribal times ( Ezekiel Rmx)

PLUS TWO EDITS and Jairo Mendez Bonus that are MUST HEAR!!!
Slayer Sinistro- Brutal Redneck
Obituary- Suffocation ( Ezekiel raveMashmix)

and Jairo Mendez Bonus Track