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Latino Resiste Presents AZUCAH SELECTAH

Latino Resiste is BACK!!!

As you know this is a project that tries to unite Latin American sense of the underground scene, bringing music, graphics, and at the same time people, like you or me, all under a single motion,..SABOR!!!

Selected by Maite Hontele, DJ MUNDO & Caballo

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Latino Resiste is a compilation of music, and slowly it’s turning into a social project!!
Once you download the album and you see the Booklet, and the ART you will see why…

LR presents Azucah Selectah is trying to show the opinion and music from known and unknown artists, and also making sub thematic compilations that reflect a particular style of some Latin American trends, we are trying to show what is happening in Latin America Underground Scene.

We are very proud to present AZUCAH SELECTAH ( Free Download)

A work that drops an amazing selection coming from the eclectic tastes of the Golden Girl of Salsa, Maite Hontele, alongside DJ Mundo from Rebelsounds, and Caballo, all together in a project that attempts to show a new face of Latin music in terms of salsa, not Fania version of Salsa, neither your Orishas or Mixed version..
this is a movement that started growing slow but strongly from late nineties, although only until the end of the last decade emerges fully outside the so called “underground” in Latin America.

We have seen great blogs like The Fader or even DJ Chino’s trying to approach people to this section of the Latin Culture, but it is still very away in terms of what is going on in our latinoamerican streets.

This release will show you a HUGE portion of the sounds that are all over the clubs, although their exposure outside the Latin context remains very limited.

That is the mission of Latino Resiste presents Azucah Selectah;

show how close these Rhythms of pure salsa, Descarga, boogaloo, Latin jazz, Guaguanco, etc. .. are of global trends such as fusion mestiza, drum n ‘bass, dubstep, ska, cumbia, and other genres that are blended in this album and try to push further the true essence of America.

We have pretty much some of the coolest sounds around!!
RADIO REBELDE, MAITE HONTELE, SONORA OCHO, LA REPUBLICA, BITUAYA, PEDRO INFAME, DLC SUDSOUND, are just a small portion of the great sounds you will find.

From the fields of Cuba, Dominican Republic or Valle de Cauca there is nothing more precious than sugar cane, that’s where salsa was born, and this is where the best refined sugar in the world.

Salsa is the sugar of Rum, blood of congas, sweat of dancers, the sugar of Latinos!!

The best sugar is called: AZUCAR SELECTA

Resists Latino Presents AZUCAH SELECTAH
Selected by Maite Hontele, DJ Mundo & Caballo.

All music donated by the artists!!

Special thanks to Maite Hontele for her great selection, attitude and songs and a very big THANKS to Deejay Mundo, whose knowledge of the underground made this compilation something all latinos can be very proud.

The Art was made by AFROMESTIZA
and it is based on the 70s style, very IZZI SANABRIA!!! very Henry Fiol, Fania, Hector Lavoe!!
Even you can print this cover and put it on your CD!!!
so u can have the vinyl!!!!


By latinoresiste

Latino Resiste is a Digilabel created by Caballo in 2009 focused on underground & FREE DOWNLOAD compilations and releases!
Its sub-label MAL DICEN joined as well our originator THE REBEL RECORDS (created in 2005 by Caballo & Gux) also focuses on individual releases.

We have no boundaries in terms of music, from dubstep to deathmetal..and everything in between.

We don't pretend doing Hype Music, or whatever sells more, we do release music, with real message, we arent afraid of working with artist who want to push the limits..
we always are exploring new sounds and tendencies..

If u want to be released via Latino Resiste
Contact us
No pretendemos producir la musica que mas venda o que mas mercadeo tenga, pero si hacemos musica sincera llena de ideas y mensajes reales, nos caracterizamos por trabajar con artistas que no teman experimentar en la búsqueda de nuevas tendencias sonoras.

Não pretendemos fazer Hype Music, ou o que quer vender mais, fazemos música, com a mensagem real, nós nao ficamos com medo de trabalhar com artistas que querem empurrar os limites ..

The Visual art of Latino Resiste is usually made by AFROMESTIZA, CUANTIKA & Obey al Guey

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