Fake Moustache & Lazer Wolff- Fake Lazers


Indeed, Fake Lazers is the combination of two Moombahton Producers who have been getting a lot of attention in the “underdogs scene” lately as they keep the Hispanic sounds very much relevant: Fake Moustache & Lazer Wolff are a US-Mexico combo made possible thanks to the inter web!

At the same time very first Mal Dicen EP of 2014, Set for FREE DOWNLOAD

Are you hungry of moombahton? Because these guys bring TAMALES

They also have done this retake on the classic Mexican Hip Hop Pioneers Control Machete- Comprendes Mendez in a Moombah Style:

Also in the EP Charanga, which starts extremely mexican cheesy fiesta, with some tostacos… but then: THE DROP!!

So, Grab the whole EP is set for FREE DOWNLOAD

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