Latino Resiste Presents Salsa Choke

Salsa Choke (Pronounced Choh- kech) is the newest approach from a whole new generation of Urban Artists to the always expanding Latin Diaspora. Blending aesthetics from Crunk, Hip Hop, Reggaeton,and latin sounds, with Colombian Afro Pacific music, the result is a unique approach to Salsa. Most of the cases sampling Rap anthems and adding their own latin flavour, the result might be as wicked as … Continue reading Latino Resiste Presents Salsa Choke

Caballo & The Mothafu Kings – #ABSURDUS

After 2 years. Caballo is back with a whole new album which he decided to go back to his cumbia bass roots and get them to the new bass level. The actual concept of the album makes it looks spontaneous. However, the album has been crafted to be perceived differently depending on who is listening to it. If you are European, African, Asian or North … Continue reading Caballo & The Mothafu Kings – #ABSURDUS

Papa con Yuca

#yoquieropapaconyuca es un proyecto de unión entre artistas que buscan protestar de forma pacífica y crítica frente a la problemática de nuestros campesinos y el derecho que tenemos todos a defender nuestra tierra, semillas y cultivos. Músicos, artistas visuales, gestores culturales, comunicadores que están convencidos de que la herramienta más importante de transformación es el arte y en una jornada sin precedentes en Colombia se … Continue reading Papa con Yuca

Andres Digital- Aventuras Colombianas

Latino Resiste’s Sub Label THE REBEL RECORDS is proud to present Germany’s cumbiamaster, ANDRES DIGITAL, and his EP: AVENTURAS COLOMBIANAS set for FREE DOWNLOAD!! GRAB IT HERE In the 5 Track EP you are going to find: AfroPacific Masterpiece, Cumbia del Justino in a Andres Digital style. A remix of Pernett’s Cumbia Continental A Lucho Bermudez/Matilde Diaz Cumbiathon PLUS a SON PALENQUE Remix AND a … Continue reading Andres Digital- Aventuras Colombianas

Rebelsounds & Latino Resiste present CUERO DIGITAL

The wait is over.. This one brings two active and quiet players to hit a knock out nobody expected! CUERO DIGITAL, a compilation made by the global activists Rebelsounds and Colombia/Canada Latino Resiste label. which gathers some of the most exciting cumbia players since the digital game started!! And even better it is set as a FREE DOWNLOAD Cuero Digital is selection of the most … Continue reading Rebelsounds & Latino Resiste present CUERO DIGITAL