Latino Resiste Presents Salsa Choke

CHOKE promo 1
Salsa Choke (Pronounced Choh- kech) is the newest approach from a whole new generation of Urban Artists to the always expanding Latin Diaspora.

Blending aesthetics from Crunk, Hip Hop, Reggaeton,and latin sounds, with Colombian Afro Pacific music,
the result is a unique approach to Salsa.

Most of the cases sampling Rap anthems and adding their own latin flavour, the result might be as wicked as this one:

The whole compilation selected by Marlong can be grabbed right here for

Being one of the most underground genres in South America, Salsa Choke style of dancing was
seen by millions when Colombia’s soccer team celebrated every time they scored.

Triggering right there an exhaustive expansion for that unique sound.

In order to give the compilation its real credibility, we went straight to the source.

Cali, Colombia.

And asked the most prominent promoters of the genre to curate and select the tracklist.

Dj Marlong (Son & Sabor) who grabbed some of the most dynamics acts from the genre, however it is Marlong’s knowledge and connections that made possible to have access to the core sound.

While Caballo & Jebuke (tropicalia) covered the “less ghetto” approach.

The result is a 10 track album with some of the most relevant acts of the genre, who rarely get covered on the

traditional media, while still combining hundreds of thousands of views in Youtube or thousands of plays in SC.

Not even mentioning packing all the streets of Cali and its surroundings.

This is Marlong and Salsa Choke striking on the streets

With this compilation we also get a come back from the acclaimed graphic designer Afromestiza,
responsible for some of the art of Petronio Alvarez fest or Latin Grammy nominees artcovers.
salsa choke vinyl 2


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