Rebecca Rocklynn & El $abor- Red Nosed Escobar


Rebecca Rocklynn & EL $ABOR team up to bring you Red Nosed Escobar. A Tropical bass track that conjoined North and South American artists to create an upbeat rhythm about global rave culture. It’s unique style will have you moving.

Canadian Female MC’s globe trotter lifestyle repping lyrics about sharing Jack U’s backstage and travels through USA and Europe is blended with fat slices of low end 808 tuned kicks seasoned with rasterinha-dembow hybrid snare patterns topped with cumbia shakers flavored with extra sabroso cowbell flow overheads and a lo fi arpeggio melody that will make you feel dizzy at first taste. This team is ready to set on fire the dancefloor worldwide.
Venezuelan young producer WOST give a trap twist to the tune in his remix that mutates into a hybrid dembow.

This track have been Mixed by Maddox Chhim and Mastered by Darkart Mastering. Industry certified professionals that made no doubt of the quality of this work.


Rebecca Rocklynn & EL $ABOR se unen para traer RED NOSED ESCOBAR. Una rola de Tropical Bass que reune artistas de Norte y Sur America para crear un ritmo energético sobre la cultura rave global. Su estilo único hará que te muevas.

Compartir tras bastidores con Jack U y realizar viajes por USA y Europa representa el estilo de vida de trotamundos vivido por esta MC canadiense cuya lírica es combinada con rebanadas gordas de kicks obesos 808 sazonados con patrones híbridos de rasterinha-dembow en el redoblante acompañados por tope de guiro cumbiero con flow extra sabroso de cowbell y una melodía lo fi arpeggiada que te hará sentir algo de ebriedad desde el primer trago. Este equipo está listo para prender en fuego las pistas de baile a nivel mundial.

Esta rola ha sido Mezclada por Maddoz Chhim y Masterizada por Darkart Mastering. Profesionales certificados de la industria que disipan las dudas sobre la calidad de este trabajo.

El joven productor venezolano WOST le da un giro de Trap a la rola en su remix que muta en un dembow híbrido.



Bacondo Remixes

Bacondo Remixes EP artwork

Bacondo became the first Andean Bass project to officially reach mainstream radio, however their approach to the Andean music got the attention since the release of their debut album.

So, it was no surprise to see a lot of amazing producers re-thinking how the Underground Andean bass music should sound.

When we released the remix contest we got over 200 submissions, so it was a long but totally worth process.

The result is a majestic new EP with a whole remix album from Bacondo, all together in the same package.

Few of the highlights:
Jungle Terror and Borneo Bass goddess Jet Airess

More Andean focused

Whole Set

Caballo & The Mothafu Kings – #ABSURDUS

absurdus back cover

After 2 years. Caballo is back with a whole new album which he decided to go back to his cumbia bass roots and get them to the new bass level.

The actual concept of the album makes it looks spontaneous. However, the album has been crafted to be perceived differently depending on who is listening to it.

If you are European, African, Asian or North American, you will listen to it differently than a Latino will do; however a Colombian will understand it differently as well.

And of course, I know everyone is different.

But what I mean here is the craft in details, they have been put in a way that is open to recognize elements, in a way, many songs will sound extremely close to you as a listener, or totally bass music, depending on where you are from, or how strong your connection with an identity is.

At the same time, songs will be kinda unorthodox, or will be cohesive depending on how many bass genres you listen to.

The album goes for: FREE DOWNLOAD

A way to contextualize this, might be the opening track CULO E VACILE

The album challenges what Cumbia and latin roots are in terms of sounds, but it also has explicit lyrics and organic sounds that complement the sampling process, a lot of the songs you are about to hear, have real drums.

Champeta, Moombahton, Zouk Bass, Dubstep, and Cumbia Bass are the most common genres that will blend into each other.

Chong X and Caballo get together to give a more cumbia-bass, moombahton mashing up Major Lazer & Chupacabras

This is a champeta collab with Molo Diaz, Kinky Electric Noise and Piper Street Band of Sol Okarina’s contacto, which was one of the best indie songs of last year for the Latino spectrum.

Lyrics and Music are really important, so there are tracks that have been designed to be cohesive with the #absurdus manifesto.

There are 3 songs for all the rebels out there: Belief which is a dubstep, This is now the time which is a Dub- Drum n bass and this epic Collab with Colombian Master PERNETT

But for DJS and/or dancefloor appeal there are few tricks in the album as well.. like a dope edit of WOST’s face to face.

Even a cumbia bass direction in a collaboration between Neki Stranac, Caballo, Carnnibal and yes, the epic Ragga twins

The biggest new genre of 2013-4, Zouk Bass, gets a different approach as well in a JSTJR’s Cerveja

Without losing his political focused releases: Absurd is also trying to open the discussion on 3 main elements that unite people from all over the world.

The gap between rich & poor, the tactics politicians do to remain in power, what media filters to manipulate opinion.
absurdus caste

absurdus deutch

absurdus english

absurdus french

absurdus portug

All of this, is absurd. It does not have any logic, and still, we are comfortable in this chaos.

And as you can see; it comes with an amazing art made by CUANTIKA STUDIO
that gives you the option of choosing which cover you want, in case you want to print and burn a CD



All of this for: