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Chong X is a Peru based -Czech Republic producer whose flawless work has landed him in Man Recordings, Mad Decent, Tropical Bass and an endless list of labels and blogs. This time Chong X brings TUKI BASS ALBUM called LOCO, in where his approach to the Venezuelan Genre, blends with his own European and now Peruvian influences.


Loco is the latest from digi-label Latino Resiste although this time it has a unique feature.
The album is available in a variety of formats. from regular 320 to WAVS or Flac.
And it is a first timer as we set it for a PAY WHAT YOU CAN
But Latino Resiste has not forgiven that most of their audience loves FREE stuff so the release is starting from a very affordable rate which is basicaly the price for any average beer in a club.

THE WHOLE ALBUM has a totally new approach to the tuki scene. it flirts with moombahton and a bit of bubbling in the last track

Chong X LOCO tracklist

Now if you do not know what Tuki is..
Here it is a mixtape with some of the most relevant Tuki Bass tunes in which we have included this Chong X Loco Album

Caballo- High ClassTuki 2013 by Caballo on Mixcloud

Caballo & The Mothafu Kings – Malando # Tuki Bass

Following the path opened by Yirbin, Pocz & Pacheko in terms of Tuki,which has been one the most ghetto genres in South America, normally banned by media and “posh” people, it grew basically out of sight from the conventional media.

Tuki, in case you haven’t heard about it, it’s a variation of “Changa” which basically is a venezuelan slang word from the 90s that means “House music”.The people that danced to this music and partied to it were called “waperos” (pronounced “wape-ross”). The word came from “PUMP UP THE JAM” (people would understand the lyrics as “pump wapejam, wape-ross, wape-ross, wap wape…”). So the Wapero fashion was huge.

Then this sound developed into something called Raptor house, and then it became really ghetto, giving birth to TUKI, Tuki is a blend between Changa, Raptor house, Hard Fusion…

But then, Pocz, Pacheko, Jairo Mendez, Mr Ioso, and few more took it to the next level: THE BASS LEVEL!!

Tuki Bass gets this elements and blends it with Bubbling and new elements such as dubstep, moombahton, breakbeat, digital cumbia without losing its raptor house explosion, and mixed with many venezuelan pop culture elements that they grew up with, Crazy style, and do not forget about the real shine!!! all the dancers are just amazing !!

Buraka Som Sistema fell in love with tuki and they teamed with some of the producers to push it further.
This is the preview of a documentary about tuki

Malandro is a WHOLE ALBUM set for FREE.


Also this Damian-Skrillex Tuki version is included in the free album! so make sure you download the album!

It features Jairo Mendez, Carnnibal and Caballo! DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Not everyone is happy to see the raise of the changa-tuki as a cultural movement. Most people see tuki as a social phenomenom that shouldn’t be exposed to American/European audiences.

Mainly because poor and violent neighborhoods were the first cradle of the movement. And the dancers really stood out!

Kinky Electric Noise- Perreo Digital ( A trip into electrochampeta)

Finally one of the most anticipated releases of 2011 is here:
Kinky Electric Noise drops Perreo Digital, a FREE EP that gathers 2010 world music unveiled jewel (CHAMPETA) and blends it with global bass.
DOWNLOAD IT!!!! available on 320’s HERE or .WAV HERE

Kinky Electric Noise fulfills perfectly all the elements to make champeta and even takes it to the next level, blending champeta and Tuki on their tune WAZAMAYETA

But this album is just the tip of the iceberg of what now Electrochampeta has became!

From Cartagena, Miami, Norway or Moscow, Producers have given Champeta a V.40 update!!
Also on this post we will have exclusive stuff from Bomba Estereo, La Makina del Caribe, Systema Solar.

This is a PREMIERE of what is going to happen with LA MAKINA DEL KARIBE NEW RELEASE.. coming soon!!

In order to sound “champeta” a track needs to have at least 1 out of 3 from the following elements:

1) The champeta is a hybrid style made up of the rhythms of the Caribbean, Cumbia, Compás, Soca, Calypso, Reggae; combined with the sounds of several countries of the African continent, such as Soukous, Mbaqanga, Bikutsi, Highlife, Juju and Congolese rumba. They were intertwined and gave way to a new style in the barrios (districts) of Cartagena (Colombia). The lyrics are usually satirical. It is also known as terapia criolla.

2) Emulate Guitar Patterns from Abelardo Carbono, or Noel Petro or teto Ocampo.
Separately, these 3 gentlemen shifted the whole genre sound with their guitar tone and style. Huge influence on other players.

Here’s an exclusive footage!! Bomba Estereo LIVE!!
and here you can check the guitar style..

When I asked Simon Mejia, Bomba’s Bassist, why they played champeta-like more than any other rhythm on their live sets, he replied: “because you can moshpit with Champeta!!” – Por que la champeta se presta al pogo!!-
Also Bomba’s singer used to do champeta before ..
This is Mister Gomez en bombay

3) Casio-Yamaha Dogs o dj scratch!!
EXCLUSIVE!! Systema Solar’s upcoming track: Con el boton del Pantalon

From Moscow: Qurrambeat!

Dont forget to download
available on 320’s HERE or .WAV HERE