Andres Digital- Bienvenidos a Cumbialandia

Germany is not necessarily the first place that comes to mind when talking about Digital Cumbia. However; it is home of one of the most well known cumbieros from Europe of the last decade, Jaky Tuff aka Andres Digital.

Andres Digital has practically been on each digital cumbia-related label whether as a remixer or with his own tracks. And he comes back to Latino Resiste with his latest EP called Bienvenidos a Cumbialandia.

This EP is exactly intended for party purposes, djing in mind as each track has a solid cumbia base, perfect to mix it up on any set whether as transition between genres or simply as a kick ass track.

First track is a mega mashup called Lamento, then we move towards a full OG track which also is the name of the EP, and last but not least a really nice remix of Lisandro Meza’s anthem EL AMOR

Album is set for FREE DOWNLOAD on the label’s Bandcamp

You can also access a DIRECT 320’s DOWNLOAD at ANDRES DIGITAL.COM

About “Banana Sound Cartel”, formerly known as “Los Transatlanticos”, is a worldwide artist collective known for mixing Colombian Cumbia, Afrotropical and Electronic Music. “Banana Sound Cartel” refers, with a twist of irony, to the well known concept of “Banana Republics” and the unfortunate stigma of the Colombian drug cartels; building on the Colombian diverse heritage to revisit and recall its creative future.

BML & Latino Resiste- No puede conmigo


No Puede Conmigo is a free EP by Panama Beat Making Lab released by Mal Dicen x Latino Resiste x ARTVSM. The EP features beats, original songs and remixes inspired by the carnival festivals, youth and prisons of Panama. All original songs were recorded in Portobelo, in a community music-studio in where the set the Beat Making Lab up.

The final result is a FREE ALBUM full of trap, moombahton, hip hop, latin-jazz and heavy bangers.
PLUS a whole bunch of BONUS remix EP, made by some heavyweight producers.

No Puede Conmigo also features Kulakostas and Tree City – the first and second-place winners of the Panama Beat Challenge. They were given the task of making a trap beat out of a sample a young Panamanian accordion prodigy named Martin.

Beat Making Lab family/judges: Apple Juice Kid, Caballo and The 13th Tribe selected the top winners, who also received free SoundCloud Pro accounts.

EP opens with a a great example of the collaborative nature of a Beat Making Lab. Producer Apple Juice Kid sampled Barrio Fino – a Panamanian comparsa band – and The Beast – a hip hop and jazz quartet from Durham, North Carolina – to make the beat. Guest vocalist Yomira John blessed the track with an her amazing voice and lyrics. Yomira’s recording session, which took place during a blackout in Portobelo, was turned into a music video.
Video only used and Iphone light and a USB mic!!! great example you can achieve big things with mere talent!


One more song that made this BML very unique is the addition of beatbox to moombahton!!

The final OG track on No Puede Conmigo is a remix of RAM, or Rehabilitacion a Traves de la Musica (rehabilitation through music) – a beat created inside a prison by Apple Juice Kid and an incarcerated beat maker named Professor Angel Sound. To make the the beat, the duo sampled found sounds around the prison studio including a leaky faucet, clicking handcuffs and a guitar. The remix was produced by The 13th Tribe.


The Bonus EP full of remixes features big names indeed, like Faluma’s headmoncho and Tropicalbass very own Marflix

From Cafe de Calaveras

Bomb diggy, the Netherlands bangerist drops this one

Germany’s cumbia master, Andres Digital, also is present, with a cumbia-moombahton (cumbiathon) remix.

Andres Digital- Aventuras Colombianas


Latino Resiste’s Sub Label THE REBEL RECORDS is proud to present Germany’s cumbiamaster, ANDRES DIGITAL, and his EP: AVENTURAS COLOMBIANAS


In the 5 Track EP you are going to find:
AfroPacific Masterpiece, Cumbia del Justino in a Andres Digital style.

A remix of Pernett’s Cumbia Continental

A Lucho Bermudez/Matilde Diaz Cumbiathon

PLUS a SON PALENQUE Remix AND a great Mashup from Alex Acosta y su Orquesta, Supercat, General Levy, Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead) + the Abba Ladies


Rebelsounds & Latino Resiste present CUERO DIGITAL

The wait is over..
This one brings two active and quiet players to hit a knock out nobody expected!

CUERO DIGITAL, a compilation made by the global activists Rebelsounds and Colombia/Canada Latino Resiste label. which gathers some of the most exciting cumbia players since the digital game started!!
And even better it is set as a FREE DOWNLOAD

Cuero Digital is selection of the most innovative Cumbia producers and some banging tracks from pioneers and new players.

The process, of selection, was very simple as there are not any doubts of the legacy from some of the producers in the compilation.

The opening track, brings Global Bass well known, Maga Bo and Cumbia Queen Petrona Martinez.

Present is also Pernett, whose music has influenced pretty much every cumbiahead in the digital era and even been featured in the grammy award Cumbia de los aburridos by Calle 13, he also has been labeled as one of the most significant additions to Colombia’s neo folklore in the last decade.

Alguacil from dub killer combo is also inside, and he is known for being the guy behind the music of Sargento Garcias’ CUMBIAMUFFIN ALL STARS, alongside Jacobo Velez from La Mojarra Electrica.

Dragao, now going solo, is also featured here, and as a world premiere of his new upcoming album, he drops his track “La luz del sol” as well.; The guy is mostly known for being the composer of Papaya Republik’s music and also Cumbia Rockers All Stars.

One of the most innovative producers is Gux Swadharma, for Cuero Digital he reworks Stereo Mcs hit “Connected” and makes it a dancefloor banger, and the tune features the young cantaora Ailin Calderon, who many people say, can be the next Bomba Estereo, with their project, Candela Machine.

Mexican producer Javier Estrada is also present in the compilation, with his sampuesana-step. Sonido Satanas, show how impressive Mexican Cumbia can be in terms of reaching a radio-wise level while keeping a perfect balance between underground, roots and dancefloor intented composition.

Miami’s Kinky Electric Noise, and Germany’s and TropicalBass very own Andres Digital are widely known for being the best cumbia mashupers in the globe.


And some of the new players like Panela Sound, Dr Guzman, Territorio Comanche, Makina Kandela, or Nahuatl Sound system prove why cumbia is always expanding towards new territories.

Last but not least the ever-shaping Caballo, whose work in pushing cumbia, with cumbia bass beats andsome other cumbia projects landed his Sancocho e’ Tigre release on the hands of Lee Perry’s, Emch, Dubblestandar.. Subatomic Sound System, being the first Digital Cumbia release picked by the iconic Dub, reggae, post dancehall Label.
Here’s a tune with Guatemala’s Dr Guzman

Rebelsounds and LR absolutely proud to release their second LP of 2012, Free, via their website

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