FIGHT CLVB- Sirens are still cool


Easily one of the most beloved acts from the Moombah family. Fight Clvb doesn’t rely on old tricks, or following hype tactics.
SAV & Mystereo are old warriors coming from Sazon Booya to being recognized as one of the strongest acts of the jungle terror movement. Although a real underground act like them, drop their best at these sweaty clubs where people like you and me go to have a good time, few beers and check the ladies dance their ass off.

Therefore, sirens are still cool represent a big attachment to these parties, to the real vibe of ‘rumba’. A 7 track EP that will kill any set and party.

But this time the champs dont show just like that, they are teaming with some of the coolest cats in the game like Comrade, Los Pollos, or Kapo.

Without further presentation, Mal Dicen drops Sirens are still cool.
Courtesy of Fight Clvb – SAV & Mystereo.

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