Caballo & Beatfunk- Yippi Yappa


Yippi Yappa is a new expansion in the champeta musical diaspora. Latino Resiste has selected some of the best latino producers to remix a track made by La Makina del Karibe guitarist and wicked producer, Beat Funk, and E-champeta pioneer Caballo called Yippi Yappa. However, the real result is an amazing exploration to the ‘pico sound’ from the roots style of Bleepolar Vs Faraon Bantu, or Champethon creator, Tombs, to the Bass approach of Dominican prodigy Mediopicky, Yippi Yappa also features the original dark take from Tribilin Sound, Miami’s E-Champeta originator Kinky Electric Noise, a super tropical take from Sr Chancho.
All tracks have been mastered by Gux Swadharma at the rebel records studios, and distributed by Latino Resiste under creative commons license

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