latino resiste

Ruta Panamericana del Sonido- Bass en las Alturas


Ruta Panamericana del Sonido, is back again.
This time we go to the top of the whole continent. Literally, RPS strikes from Bolivia.

The trip which started a-la Che Guevara, is not political oriented, but it does have a very political intention: trying to unveil the Urban Culture and Music from each country “La Panamericana” crosses by.

Having in Mind that Bolivian Music is perhaps one of the lesser known from South America, we needed to make a strong alliance with Oi Mas Bass, who are perhaps the strongest Bass Collective from La Paz.

The final result is exactly what the Bolivian Bass scene sounds like. A perfect blend between Andean roots, and Modern Bass. From Digital Cumbia, to Moombahton, to Bashment, or Cumbiathon; Bass en la Alturas is just the perfect example of the modern music played in the under Bolivian Scenes.

Ruta Panamericana’s own Caballo & Chong X are joined by Bolivian bassheads Ale Cassis, Dj Quien, Villa Victoria Soundsystem and Oliver Sky.

If Che Guevara died in Bolivia, these rebels are trying to make sure Bolivia doesn’t get behind in the collective mind of the Empire in terms of sounds.

So, join us for this amazing trip.

By latinoresiste

Latino Resiste is a Digilabel created by Caballo in 2009 focused on underground & FREE DOWNLOAD compilations and releases!
Its sub-label MAL DICEN joined as well our originator THE REBEL RECORDS (created in 2005 by Caballo & Gux) also focuses on individual releases.

We have no boundaries in terms of music, from dubstep to deathmetal..and everything in between.

We don't pretend doing Hype Music, or whatever sells more, we do release music, with real message, we arent afraid of working with artist who want to push the limits..
we always are exploring new sounds and tendencies..

If u want to be released via Latino Resiste
Contact us
No pretendemos producir la musica que mas venda o que mas mercadeo tenga, pero si hacemos musica sincera llena de ideas y mensajes reales, nos caracterizamos por trabajar con artistas que no teman experimentar en la búsqueda de nuevas tendencias sonoras.

Não pretendemos fazer Hype Music, ou o que quer vender mais, fazemos música, com a mensagem real, nós nao ficamos com medo de trabalhar com artistas que querem empurrar os limites ..

The Visual art of Latino Resiste is usually made by AFROMESTIZA, CUANTIKA & Obey al Guey

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