Rebelsounds compilation 2015


There is a collective of musical activists who are still trying to maintain alive the mestizo sound: The Rebelsounds crew.
Music that still resonates the lyrical rebellious content and the musical landscapes of this era. Where ska, reggae, balkan or cumbia meets brass, punk, rap, or electronic music, there is a huge scene that barely gets covered in the usual music blogs; however a lot of them release music that connects audiences all over the world.

These activists keep a detailed radar of the best world-wide release and they gather via the underground channels to vote for the best of the best.

The result: An epic 3 albums with the cream of the mestizo sound.
2 of the best releases and the 3rd one made exclusively for RS listeners.

Without any further explanation rather than enjoy this amazing gift which is available for FREE DOWNLOAD:

Disco 1 (< DIRECT CLICK )
01 Kimbala – Kimbala (Soumoulou, Francia)
02 La Flor del Otro – Las Cosas Más Grandes (Barcelona, España)
03 Choc Quib Town – El Mismo (Bogotá, Colombia)
04 Grupo Ganjah – Bichos de Luz (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
05 Timoneki – Se Nos Va La Vida (Puebla, México)
06 El Gato Negro – Buenos Días Buenos Aires (Toulouse, Francia)
07 iLLBiLLY HiTEC feat Longfingah & Lengualerta – Essential (Berlin, Alemania)
08 Aspencat – Mantindre el Foc (Pais Valencia, España)
09 Canijos Sin Fronteras – La Copia (Sevilla, España)
10 Las Manos de Filippi, La Severa Matacera, Intifada, Skapo Secuaz, Cumbia Proleta, Skartel, Valentina Cooke, Benjamín Guzmán, Carlos Lugo, Huber Ballesteros – Canción la Paz (Mundo)
11 Monsieur Periné – Año Bisiesto (Bogotá, Colombia)
12 The Skints feat Tippa Irie & Horseman – This Town (Londres, Inglaterra)
13 El Kamión de la Basura feat Javi Chispes, Banda Jachi´s – El Hipnotizador (Alicante, España)
14 BNegão & Seletores de Frequência – No Momento [100%] (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)
15 Metabolé – L’Himne de la Mandra (Cataluña, España)
16 Dani Mostarac – Las leyes del Mercado No Son Ciencia (Bosnia Herzegovina/España)
17 Sinsemilia feat Naâman, Balik [Danakil], Yaniss Odua, Bouchkour & Komlan [Dub Inc]- Reggae Addicts Connection (Grenoble, Francia)
18 Polkaholix – Voll Polka (Berlin, Alemania)
19 Limando feat Juankar de Boikot – Si No Te Importa (Islas Canarias, España)
20 Dub Pistols feat Seanie Tee – Pistoleros (Londres, Inglaterra)
21 Skatuttipresto – El Nostre Ritme (Pais Valencia, España)

Disco 2 (< DIRECT CLICK)
01 Full Attack Band – Asi se Va (Londres, Inglaterra)
02 El Sombrero del Abuelo – Noche de Artistas (Madrid, España)
03 Russkaja – Hometown Polka (Viena, Austria)
04 Itaca Band – Temerario (Cataluña, España)
05 Kiko Villamizar – Rompiendo Cadenas (USA/Colombia)
06 Tamales de Chipil feat Dr. Shenka – Calle (Italia/México)
07 ZOO feat Oques Grasses – Camins, Versió Obrint Pas (Pais Valencia, España)
08 El Seko Band – Cumbia del Artista (Alicante, España)
09 Pungle Lions feat Rude Hi-Fi – That’s Funny (Paris, Francia)
10 Doctor Prats – Rockamboleska (Cataluña, España)
11 Sergent Garcia – Personne Ne Me Stoppe (Paris, Francia)
12 *56 Boys – Kein Boss (Hamburgo, Alemania)
13 AlQuadrat feat Marta Trujillo – Unidos (Barcelona, España)
14 Lila Downs – Mano Negra (Oaxaca, México)
15 ВИА Волга-Волга – Седая ночь (Kazan, Russia)
16 Oye Primate – Murguero (Palmira, Argentina)
17 La Terrasseta de Preixens – Pistola (Cataluña, España)
18 Novalima – Mi Canto (Lima, Perú)
19 Drvored – La Tangente [Arhelino] (Zagreb, Croacia)
20 Asian Dub Foundation – The Signal And The Noise (Londres, Inglaterra)
21 Macumbia feat Du Solto – Pasito de Cuernavaca (João Pessoa, Brasil)

INEDITOS (< Direct Click)

01 Ghetto 84 – Ti Sei Fermato ad Ascoltare Mai (Italia)
02 Bomba Estereo – Somos Dos [Tombs/Caballo Rmx] (Colombia/Canadá)
03 Shazalakazoo/Neki Stranac – Farmer’s Trap (Serbia)
04 Maldita Bohemia – Imposible (Chile)
05 Dubioza Kolelktiv feat La pegatina – Hay Libertad [La Phaze, Dj Karim, Punto Rojo rmx] (Bosnia & Mundo)
06 Wayanay de los Andes – Purunrunas [Chong X Edit] (Perú/República Checa)


Rebelsounds & LR present: EZLN 20 Years

EZLN portada
Rebelsounds and Latino resiste present EZLN: 20 Years.

For many of you, the Zapatista is just a part of the iconography that has been going around from actually mid 90’s and slowly got into a more fashionist way of being rebellious.
For many of those who were in the actual jungle, 20 years ago, it was their time to face the biggest enemy any indigenous group can handle: Their own government.
It is amazing how just few hundred of campesinos (farmers) who are direct descendants of the Indigenous tribes that once populated the whole American continent achieved to get a highlight in their struggles in a pre-social media era, putting in evidence the corruption and mischievous way of governments to treat their aboriginal communities.

The Zapatista represented not only the Mexicans; they represented the whole continent’s struggles.
20 years ago, the whole planet moved even for a slip of a second to that jungle, and the gov, didn’t have any other choice that listen to their demands, because they knew everyone was paying attention.
Back in those days ; many artists decided to paint a musical landscape in support of that community.
Jungle, Mestizo, Cumbia, and Rock-grunge were killing it.
So the first musical compilations that supported EZLN, came from that direction, bands like Rage against the Machine, Manu Chao, Asian Dub Foundation, Fermin Muguruza, Sergent Garcia, and many more decided to add their music and got inspired by their fight.

Fast forward to 2014.
The campesinos struggles are exactly in the same spot.
Although many things changed, and let’s be fair; In many ways, there had been a slight improvement; In reality; 20 years after, the power pyramid remains intact.
New struggles came in these 2 decades, from cultural appropriation to Land given to the corporations for mining purposes, to the actual selective killing of Indigenous political members; these communities keep facing five centuries of oppression.
We also now have learned we are not going to win, or change anything drastically in the political landscape of these countries.

But we bet all of our efforts to let the system know, that we will do anything in our power to reverse these situations.
There have been many small changes all separated, that when you add them up, they create a whole context for the Indigenous communities and empower them.
From the Bolivian refusal of using genetic modified seeds, and kicking out McDonalds, to the name drop of a local sport team in Canada in where a disrespectful name and mascot made very uncomfortable aboriginals and their families; to the actual legal fights in Brazil for the Amazon territories passing thru Colombian or Chilean strikes, this Zapatista fight represent everyone! Not just the Mexican, but the whole continent.

And we needed to be consequent with today’s musical landscape, but we still need to keep a tight relation with the initial movement and their supporters since day one.
That is why we are extremely happy to announce for the first time ever, we can get together pioneers and current legends, as well as a whole bunch of big names, and obviously in Latino Resiste style unveiling unknown producers, but equally talented. Because this is not about names, this is about the fight, the struggles; it is about connecting young people, of this moment of history, with this particular issue.


The compilation starts with Indigenous Resistance & Asian dub foundation dropping their super killer track, Esta tierra no esta a la venta ( This land is not for sale).

Then we strike with A Tribe Called Red joining Mexican producer Javier Estrada, for a fast-paced super crazy track called Indigenous Power, in where Pow Wow meets Tropical Bass.

This track is NOT a mano negra remix per se.. it was actually made by the original composer, Thomas Darnal, who was the keyboard of Mano Negra, and also the mastermind in p18, which were both featured in the original rumors of war compilation which was the OST of the Zapatista Revolution in 1994

Next; Being an “all star” project from pretty much every big underground band of Colombia supporting the Campesino Strike, Papa con Yuca is the perfect track to show Indigenous support meets Musical richness.

Less known, but equally talented, Chilean Mr Toé and Dj Subversivo, spent a great amount of time in the actual Jungle, learning from Aboriginal tribes, and living with them before going back to civilization and start mixing those experiences with music.

Rebelsounds founder members David raga submitted that Jose De Molina badass track that represent perfectly his knowledge about the actual Zapatistas, and the original EZLN members musical taste, as well as the most radical side of the political spectrum.
Also Rebelsounds member, and always conspirator Caballo drops his Latin tune Amolao ( struggled)

The whole Booklet is AMAZING, art was made by Rebelsounds’ art director Punker, and the actual EZLN political support is given from Rebelsounds’ very own Hannibal whose mestiroots are having the official blessing from EZLN sympathizers.


FREE. We know.. from a credible source, Mexican and actually few South American govs will try to take this one down, as it distorts the reality they want to sell it thru the media.
REBELSOUNDS & Latino Resiste! Aguante la lucha Indigena!

REBELSOUNDS compilados 2012

Portada Compilado 2012

Rebelsounds releases their long awaited compilations with the best of world and mestizo music (cumbia, balkan, folk, ska, dancehall, from the whole planet) !!!
If for reason, and you dont know about rebelsounds.. let me update you.
The usual library for the rebels!!! So great, that now they have created mirrors, so people can have choices!!
copy paste the links!!
3 whole albums.. more than 50 tracks!! ALL THE PLANET!!
From Champeta

To Punkish/folk etarra!!



Inédito has REBELSOUNDS exclusive tracks!!! DOWNLOAD

Radio rebelde


Rebelsounds & Latino Resiste present CUERO DIGITAL

The wait is over..
This one brings two active and quiet players to hit a knock out nobody expected!

CUERO DIGITAL, a compilation made by the global activists Rebelsounds and Colombia/Canada Latino Resiste label. which gathers some of the most exciting cumbia players since the digital game started!!
And even better it is set as a FREE DOWNLOAD

Cuero Digital is selection of the most innovative Cumbia producers and some banging tracks from pioneers and new players.

The process, of selection, was very simple as there are not any doubts of the legacy from some of the producers in the compilation.

The opening track, brings Global Bass well known, Maga Bo and Cumbia Queen Petrona Martinez.

Present is also Pernett, whose music has influenced pretty much every cumbiahead in the digital era and even been featured in the grammy award Cumbia de los aburridos by Calle 13, he also has been labeled as one of the most significant additions to Colombia’s neo folklore in the last decade.

Alguacil from dub killer combo is also inside, and he is known for being the guy behind the music of Sargento Garcias’ CUMBIAMUFFIN ALL STARS, alongside Jacobo Velez from La Mojarra Electrica.

Dragao, now going solo, is also featured here, and as a world premiere of his new upcoming album, he drops his track “La luz del sol” as well.; The guy is mostly known for being the composer of Papaya Republik’s music and also Cumbia Rockers All Stars.

One of the most innovative producers is Gux Swadharma, for Cuero Digital he reworks Stereo Mcs hit “Connected” and makes it a dancefloor banger, and the tune features the young cantaora Ailin Calderon, who many people say, can be the next Bomba Estereo, with their project, Candela Machine.

Mexican producer Javier Estrada is also present in the compilation, with his sampuesana-step. Sonido Satanas, show how impressive Mexican Cumbia can be in terms of reaching a radio-wise level while keeping a perfect balance between underground, roots and dancefloor intented composition.

Miami’s Kinky Electric Noise, and Germany’s and TropicalBass very own Andres Digital are widely known for being the best cumbia mashupers in the globe.


And some of the new players like Panela Sound, Dr Guzman, Territorio Comanche, Makina Kandela, or Nahuatl Sound system prove why cumbia is always expanding towards new territories.

Last but not least the ever-shaping Caballo, whose work in pushing cumbia, with cumbia bass beats andsome other cumbia projects landed his Sancocho e’ Tigre release on the hands of Lee Perry’s, Emch, Dubblestandar.. Subatomic Sound System, being the first Digital Cumbia release picked by the iconic Dub, reggae, post dancehall Label.
Here’s a tune with Guatemala’s Dr Guzman

Rebelsounds and LR absolutely proud to release their second LP of 2012, Free, via their website

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