Kinky Electric Noise- Perreo Digital ( A trip into electrochampeta)

Finally one of the most anticipated releases of 2011 is here:
Kinky Electric Noise drops Perreo Digital, a FREE EP that gathers 2010 world music unveiled jewel (CHAMPETA) and blends it with global bass.
DOWNLOAD IT!!!! available on 320’s HERE or .WAV HERE

Kinky Electric Noise fulfills perfectly all the elements to make champeta and even takes it to the next level, blending champeta and Tuki on their tune WAZAMAYETA

But this album is just the tip of the iceberg of what now Electrochampeta has became!

From Cartagena, Miami, Norway or Moscow, Producers have given Champeta a V.40 update!!
Also on this post we will have exclusive stuff from Bomba Estereo, La Makina del Caribe, Systema Solar.

This is a PREMIERE of what is going to happen with LA MAKINA DEL KARIBE NEW RELEASE.. coming soon!!

In order to sound “champeta” a track needs to have at least 1 out of 3 from the following elements:

1) The champeta is a hybrid style made up of the rhythms of the Caribbean, Cumbia, Compás, Soca, Calypso, Reggae; combined with the sounds of several countries of the African continent, such as Soukous, Mbaqanga, Bikutsi, Highlife, Juju and Congolese rumba. They were intertwined and gave way to a new style in the barrios (districts) of Cartagena (Colombia). The lyrics are usually satirical. It is also known as terapia criolla.

2) Emulate Guitar Patterns from Abelardo Carbono, or Noel Petro or teto Ocampo.
Separately, these 3 gentlemen shifted the whole genre sound with their guitar tone and style. Huge influence on other players.

Here’s an exclusive footage!! Bomba Estereo LIVE!!
and here you can check the guitar style..

When I asked Simon Mejia, Bomba’s Bassist, why they played champeta-like more than any other rhythm on their live sets, he replied: “because you can moshpit with Champeta!!” – Por que la champeta se presta al pogo!!-
Also Bomba’s singer used to do champeta before ..
This is Mister Gomez en bombay

3) Casio-Yamaha Dogs o dj scratch!!
EXCLUSIVE!! Systema Solar’s upcoming track: Con el boton del Pantalon

From Moscow: Qurrambeat!

Dont forget to download
available on 320’s HERE or .WAV HERE