Black Metal Elitist Earworm- SKULLDRILL


The heaviest electronic metal project from South America returns to Latino Resiste with SKULLDRILL, a 10 track album in where moombahton, ragga, grime, dubstep and house meet hardcore, djent, deathcore.

The albums starts with Bunda do Inferno. A Brazilian Bahia Bass inspired track that has obviously a big influence of grindcore guitars and then Moombahton.

There is even a short 1 minute video to see the madness of this track !

Black Metal Elitist Earworm- Bunda Do Inferno from caballo on Vimeo.

Then the album moves to Grime with some death metalish vibe on this track March to the Slaughter, which is a rendition of that epic underground grime death scene from UK’s one and only hostile

Hardcore guitars and house, in fact deep house, seem to be antithesis to each other, somehow BMEE pulls it off on Electronic Douche Horns. Maybe inspired on Paris hilton doing the horns, or Steve Aoki wearing a rancid t-shirt

Being the head of the label and no stranger to Death Metal, we see Caballo back again on the vocals helping the Black Metal Elitist Earworm to get deeper into the hell-ride and actually giving title to the track and album with SKULLDRILL.
Penetrating your brain with an absolute insane metal-bass track

Dancehall’s front on Latino resiste is usually taken care by CARNNIBAL, so when the BMEE had a dancehall-metal inspired track, the elusive producer got his hand on the main draft, and morphed into this bomb called Movie inna TV

Djent and EDM. Why not. Here’s an edit of Meshuggah’s Bleed.

Doom and Gothic Dancehall Meet trap VS Heavy guitars. But the real question here is

Bacondo, yes, the Andean Bass one, those guys who have been killing mainstream radio with their Andean EDM secretly submitted stems, and the result is a Moombahton-Metal track

This is the calm before the storm

Closing the album, the most intense track of them all.
An edit of I am colossus that needs no introduction once you hear the first 20 seconds.

The amazing art was done by our creative department at CUANTIKA STUDIOS


Bacondo Remixes

Bacondo Remixes EP artwork

Bacondo became the first Andean Bass project to officially reach mainstream radio, however their approach to the Andean music got the attention since the release of their debut album.

So, it was no surprise to see a lot of amazing producers re-thinking how the Underground Andean bass music should sound.

When we released the remix contest we got over 200 submissions, so it was a long but totally worth process.

The result is a majestic new EP with a whole remix album from Bacondo, all together in the same package.

Few of the highlights:
Jungle Terror and Borneo Bass goddess Jet Airess

More Andean focused

Whole Set

El Nino Emilio- E.N.E.

El nino emilio 4

El Nino Emilio is the brand new 15 y.o kid supported by Latino Resiste/Mal Dicen who hopefully will be getting more attention in years to come.

Think Happy Colors meets Avicci.

This young but incredibly talented producer, has some of the filthiest bass EPs in Mal Dicen catalog, but at the same time, it is so impeccable that fits either big room, moombah, or any dj party sets.

The 4 track ep can be downloaded for FREE right here:

It has been mastered by one of the most talented producers out there as well, who prefers to remain anonymous; however we can say he is a very well known name in the zoukbass game.

Support Emilio. by following him on his soundcloud .

Download the whole SET HERE

ILLUMINVTY- Obscure Bass

01_EP cover
Latino Resiste presents Obscure Bass.

The Debut EP on our catalog of Mexican Bass duo ILLUMINVTY.
In obscure bass the listener will see a whole new approach to the latin bass. Deeper and heavier basslines, trap aesthetics meet Latin rhythms.

Download the whole EP for FREE HERE

More tracks like this are including in the EP

The art is so wicked and it has been created by the guys from Cuantika Studio

Bacondo- Bacondo


Bacondo, is the most recent addition to Latino Resiste. This duo brings the best of two worlds: ANDEAN ETHNIC sounds and Urban Global Bass to form this impressive ANDEAN BASS.
In the ephonym-Debut EP, Bacondo give us a trip in the dancehall-moombahton and big room while also keeping a close connection to their Andean sounds.
These brothers (J-1 & Man-K) did not want to sample, and instead relied on playing the stuff by themselves, and also gather a great amount of heavy ammo to collab.
Including Chong X, Loki da Trixta, Fucha Kid, Clinton Sly and DJ JB to create a Dancehall-bass cohesive vibe as well as an Andean-latino experience.

Think Major Lazer meets Los Jaivas.

This EP has the early support of Munchi, and more wicked supporters.


They also have this amazing cover from los Jaivas!!

Whole EP


Happy Colors- El Diablo Remix Contest


After more than 30 submissions, and a whole week of selection, we are finally pleased to unveil the winners of Happy Colors’ El DIABLO remix contest.

The final EP has a bit for every taste, from the winning track that blend Dancehall and Moombahton, to Twerk, 3Ball, Zouk Bass, Cumbia-Bass, trap, and much more heavy bangers that will work each one on your sets or simple to enjoy them on your device, and unlike some of the EPs out there, in many way, you may have the feeling it is a whole album instead of a remix EP!


BML & Latino Resiste- No puede conmigo


No Puede Conmigo is a free EP by Panama Beat Making Lab released by Mal Dicen x Latino Resiste x ARTVSM. The EP features beats, original songs and remixes inspired by the carnival festivals, youth and prisons of Panama. All original songs were recorded in Portobelo, in a community music-studio in where the set the Beat Making Lab up.

The final result is a FREE ALBUM full of trap, moombahton, hip hop, latin-jazz and heavy bangers.
PLUS a whole bunch of BONUS remix EP, made by some heavyweight producers.

No Puede Conmigo also features Kulakostas and Tree City – the first and second-place winners of the Panama Beat Challenge. They were given the task of making a trap beat out of a sample a young Panamanian accordion prodigy named Martin.

Beat Making Lab family/judges: Apple Juice Kid, Caballo and The 13th Tribe selected the top winners, who also received free SoundCloud Pro accounts.

EP opens with a a great example of the collaborative nature of a Beat Making Lab. Producer Apple Juice Kid sampled Barrio Fino – a Panamanian comparsa band – and The Beast – a hip hop and jazz quartet from Durham, North Carolina – to make the beat. Guest vocalist Yomira John blessed the track with an her amazing voice and lyrics. Yomira’s recording session, which took place during a blackout in Portobelo, was turned into a music video.
Video only used and Iphone light and a USB mic!!! great example you can achieve big things with mere talent!


One more song that made this BML very unique is the addition of beatbox to moombahton!!

The final OG track on No Puede Conmigo is a remix of RAM, or Rehabilitacion a Traves de la Musica (rehabilitation through music) – a beat created inside a prison by Apple Juice Kid and an incarcerated beat maker named Professor Angel Sound. To make the the beat, the duo sampled found sounds around the prison studio including a leaky faucet, clicking handcuffs and a guitar. The remix was produced by The 13th Tribe.


The Bonus EP full of remixes features big names indeed, like Faluma’s headmoncho and Tropicalbass very own Marflix

From Cafe de Calaveras

Bomb diggy, the Netherlands bangerist drops this one

Germany’s cumbia master, Andres Digital, also is present, with a cumbia-moombahton (cumbiathon) remix.

Caballo Official Album: Drone & Bass


Drone & Bass. The Art and the music are connected in a way, as I do believe that even though some Govs are improving their forms of destruction. We as artists are also improving our ways of resistance.
For those who don’t know.. Caballo started in 2004 as a ragga-drum n bass- latin project which has evolved through the years.
Drone & Bass is a heavy return to those roots, keeping the sonic update, minimal, dubstep, trap, heavy bass, cumbia plus 3 amazing remixes by Chong X, Copia Doble Sistema, and Haikiri.



The album features 6 original tracks! and a very eclectic remix that has the blessing from Lucas Silva from Palenque records!!!
So if you are a fan of Cumbia with a twist + the new global bass sounds, this is the album for you!! PLUS remember it is free!!!

Main single, Bloodclot & Bass!!

which has 3 remixes from top producers: Czech/Peruvian Chong X

Copia Doble Systema’s copyflex

and Beijing/UK Harikiri & Howie Lee



Soniye Muzick- Glory Trap Bubbling

Soniye Muzick- Front

Latino Resiste starts 2013 bringing you a 3 Track FREE EP from this amazing Spanish Kid, SoniyeMuzick, who blends 808bass, Bubbling and trap under one roof.

Why on earth would a label like Latino Resiste jump on the trap train? Because THIS IS NOT LIKE ANY TRAP U HEAR AROUND!! This is the Mal Dicen style!!

He shows no mercy for the dancers, the whole EP is a blast of energy, a shot of Jack Daniels+ red bull + Steroids!!

The EP contains anther two tracks.
Flocka and Wild Boy


The Rebel Records drops Kilbourne’s Faye Reagan

The Rebel Records is super excited to release Kilbourne’s debut EP Faye Reagan featuring remixes from the most exciting kids of the new wave N0MS, Cy Kosis, ZEE REΛCH, and Bongolaser!

We had featured the kids not long ago, as the newest addition to our usual suspect list because they had been killing, either in the trap,bubbling, moombah, global, footwoork and much more.


So take a look at one of the dopest and hottest releases of 2012

Way before we could grab our hands on this release officially; the song and remixes had created lots of buzz!

France’s Zee Reach drops this killer

and GB’s Cy Kosis also brings his Moombah vision to the EP

porn noises! tropibass! swagsident!