Tiger Blood- Summertime (Full FREE EP)

Tiger Blood (formerly known as EduK) is one of the most iconic references in Brazilian underground scene. Whether fronting DeFalla, hosting popular TV show Breakout Brazil, or making his own music, he always delivers pure insanity with a ton of flavor.
On Summertime, Tigerblood drops a savage rendition to Herbie Mann’s Summertime and Sublime’s Summertime as well, mixing it with Cumbia, Bhangra and dancehall without losing the Brazilian horizon that makes him an icon.

Summertime EP comes with 2 more versions which are equally insane.
This is Caballo’s take

You can download the FREE EP right here:


Nino Francois- SANTO DEMBOW (Full Album)

nino-francois-santo-dembow-art-2Nino Francois is back to the #latinoresiste Family.

This time he is dropping his new album Santo Dembow a 5 track megabombastic album!!
His single EL ELEVADOR blends cumbia with Moombahton and Bass!!!

NF is killing it on his own terms, and his approach to dembow and bass makes each track a savage trip to the dancefloor while keeping the latino flavor on high octane.

Caballo & Thombs- Abolengo Rancio


Caballo & Thombs get together to release this Cumbia-meets Moombahton bomb ABOLENGO RANCIO.

This is a statement against racism, social discrimination and any sort of prejudice based on social uprising and money privileges that has been documented all over South America, This behaviour is not new, in fact; it has always been present, except now, it is getting exposed on social media more frequent.

Stand against racism, and social discrimination. One Love, God Bless.


Stereotyp- Cumbia Sabanera

Barefoot Originator, Stereotyp, has produced for Buraka Som Sistema, Jahcoozi, influenced Major Lazer and many more. His unique style has made him a trademark in the bass scene for decades.
Latino resiste is very honored to have him releasing Cumbia Sabanera, an splendid return to the #cumbia genre.

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Celso Pina X Erick Jaimez & Caballo- Cumbia Vengadora


A complete homage to one of the most important Cumbia masters from the globe:
CELSO PINA, who gave a new meaning to the sampuesana riddim.

Texas cumbia producer: Erick Jaimez teams with Caballo to drop Cumbia Vengadora, a lyrically aggressive track for a convulsive continent in where corruption and dirty politics have pushed the poverty and inequality into the stratosphere.

Mira Compadre este ritmo pegajoso
Se llama poder el virus contagioso
Lo usa el farsante que manda la nacion
Cobija a sus amigos con toda corrupcion (X2)
Manipula los medios con desinformacion
Pone al pueblo contra la pared
como pescados atrapados en la red
Cortinas de humo para la atencion desviar
Asi en la cima poderse perpretuar
Bailemos esta cumbia, Cumbia poderosa…

La unica salida que tenemos es gozar
Vamos a embriagarnos, salgamos a luchar
Rayemos las paredes, Hagamonos escuchar
De la fuerza publica no debes tu temer,
Solo maniquies del payaso en el poder
Bien ignorantes, Simios asesinos
Manipulados, Intereses clandestinos
Solo se aprovechan del pueblo enganado,
Se aprovechan como sacerdote degenerado
Abusan como politico corrupto
Prendamosles candela como a oleoducto
Bailes esta cumbia… cumbia poderosa

DASH SLKTR- Animal Sounds


One of the most active producers from South America, Diego Arias aka Dash Slktr, is always flirting with tropical vibes. Whether Moombahton, Cumbia, Champeta or Dancehall, he does it all, and does it right.
No wonder why his new album: “ANIMAL SOUND” made it to the Latino Resiste family.
An epic 7 track EP that will have everything you need to set the dancefloor on fire with latino flavors.

Dancehall, Bass, Champeta, Cumbia or Moombahton. Animal sound is all of that and more.. FREE

Caballo & The Mothafu Kings – #ABSURDUS

absurdus back cover

After 2 years. Caballo is back with a whole new album which he decided to go back to his cumbia bass roots and get them to the new bass level.

The actual concept of the album makes it looks spontaneous. However, the album has been crafted to be perceived differently depending on who is listening to it.

If you are European, African, Asian or North American, you will listen to it differently than a Latino will do; however a Colombian will understand it differently as well.

And of course, I know everyone is different.

But what I mean here is the craft in details, they have been put in a way that is open to recognize elements, in a way, many songs will sound extremely close to you as a listener, or totally bass music, depending on where you are from, or how strong your connection with an identity is.

At the same time, songs will be kinda unorthodox, or will be cohesive depending on how many bass genres you listen to.

The album goes for: FREE DOWNLOAD

A way to contextualize this, might be the opening track CULO E VACILE

The album challenges what Cumbia and latin roots are in terms of sounds, but it also has explicit lyrics and organic sounds that complement the sampling process, a lot of the songs you are about to hear, have real drums.

Champeta, Moombahton, Zouk Bass, Dubstep, and Cumbia Bass are the most common genres that will blend into each other.

Chong X and Caballo get together to give a more cumbia-bass, moombahton mashing up Major Lazer & Chupacabras

This is a champeta collab with Molo Diaz, Kinky Electric Noise and Piper Street Band of Sol Okarina’s contacto, which was one of the best indie songs of last year for the Latino spectrum.

Lyrics and Music are really important, so there are tracks that have been designed to be cohesive with the #absurdus manifesto.

There are 3 songs for all the rebels out there: Belief which is a dubstep, This is now the time which is a Dub- Drum n bass and this epic Collab with Colombian Master PERNETT

But for DJS and/or dancefloor appeal there are few tricks in the album as well.. like a dope edit of WOST’s face to face.

Even a cumbia bass direction in a collaboration between Neki Stranac, Caballo, Carnnibal and yes, the epic Ragga twins

The biggest new genre of 2013-4, Zouk Bass, gets a different approach as well in a JSTJR’s Cerveja

Without losing his political focused releases: Absurd is also trying to open the discussion on 3 main elements that unite people from all over the world.

The gap between rich & poor, the tactics politicians do to remain in power, what media filters to manipulate opinion.
absurdus caste

absurdus deutch

absurdus english

absurdus french

absurdus portug

All of this, is absurd. It does not have any logic, and still, we are comfortable in this chaos.

And as you can see; it comes with an amazing art made by CUANTIKA STUDIO
that gives you the option of choosing which cover you want, in case you want to print and burn a CD



All of this for:

Cumbia Bass Beats II: Raza Takeover


Finally Cumbia Bass Beats Numero Dos is here:

CUMBIA BASS BEATS II (part 1) and CBB: Raza Takeover (Part 2)

Do NOT skip Part II, because most of real/traditional cumbia loops are inside Raza Takeover.

All Cumbia Bass beats tracks have been carefully crafted and wherever possible, the samples have been tested in Ableton, Logic Pro, Acid Pro, FL studio and most of them were well mastered allowing us producers to maximize the sonic palette for cumbia.

Most of the loops are sample-accurate which allows total flexibility to mix & layer together any combination of sounds which helps facilitate endless sonic fusions.

In Fact the result is so awesome that we decided to do a showcase with just a very small portion of the samples and adding our own styles..

This particular showcase has only 8 sounds combined in different ways and speed to create any Style that can fit from Traditional, to Digital Cumbia, Moombahton or dubstep inspired cumbia or Tropical Bass or even 3Ball, Twerk or Zouk Bass with some Cumbia Flavor.

Raza Takeover has loops from Global bass heads such as Dengue-Dengue-Dengue, Caballo, Bleepolar, Dj Tamalero, Banginclude, Bubbleheads,as well as some great sound engineers/instructors like Mike Bruce, from the Beat Making Lab.

Cumbia Bass Beats II will be given for free and actually it has different dynamics to reflect today’s musical fast changing environment.

Because it is a FREE DOWNLOAD and it has over 350 MB

The whole compilation will be divided in Cumbia Bass Beats II and CBB Raza Take Over.

CUMBIA BASS BEATS II (part 1) and CBB: Raza Takeover (Part 2)

The first one will have cumbia loops that can fit into Moombahton, Dubstep, Twerk, Zouk Bass, 3Ball, Champeta or Plain Cumbia.

Raza Takeover will have more organic loops that can fit any style, but if you are a more skilled or like more traditional cumbia loops, then DO NOT SKIP vol 2.

If you do not have Cumbia Bass Beats 1.. grab it here
complete the collection HERE >

Even if you do not make cumbia and to show it in a real context, let`s have a look to another showcase of CUMBIA BASS BEATS vol 2: Raza Takeover.

This song has been created using the loops in the library plus a synth from Corrupted Data’s twerk it track. in order to show the sonic availability of the library plus any creative idea.

The song uses the chorus of the papaconyuca cumbia track from the #yoquieropapaconyuca movement

Papa con Yuca


#yoquieropapaconyuca es un proyecto de unión entre artistas que buscan protestar de forma pacífica y crítica frente a la problemática de nuestros campesinos y el derecho que tenemos todos a defender nuestra tierra, semillas y cultivos. Músicos, artistas visuales, gestores culturales, comunicadores que están convencidos de que la herramienta más importante de transformación es el arte y en una jornada sin precedentes en Colombia se han unido para alzar sus voces convirtiendo el caos en acción, la impotencia en creación y la protesta en belleza.

Este grupo de jóvenes quiere invitarlos a todos a formar parte de este proyecto que le pertenece a cualquiera que esté dispuesto a donar su tiempo, su creatividad y su cariño por la tierra que le ha dado todo: la raíz, la cultura ancestral de siembra, el alimento, una gama infinita de culturas indígenas de las cuales aprender, una tierra rica en cualquier tipo de materia prima natural y miles de cosas más. Y una cosa más: que estas acciones sirvan para ejercitar la cortísima memoria de un país manipulado, ingenuo y sumido en la violencia desde tiempos inmemoriales.
No hay tiempo para cambiar mañana. apoya la causa con el hashtag #yoquieropapaconyuca


El conflicto agrario en particular me toca a mi (caballo) de manera muy cercana, ya que aunque tuve la fortuna de estudiar en “un lugar privilegiado” durante mi infancia; durante mis vacaciones debido a las dinamicas del trabajo de mi madre, era extraido a el mundo de mis abuelos, quienes vivian en la zona rural de provincia, mas precisamente en Velez, donde se hacia o hace el Bocadillo. Y fue alli donde aprendi la verdadera vida del agro.

No habia otra alternativa sino unirse a los obreros, como se le denominaban a los campesinos contratados para ayudar con una cosecha grande, y fue alli donde aprendi arado, a recoger papa, yuca, arracacha, ahuyama etc etc, Tambien retumba en mi memoria cuando debia levantarme a las 4 a.m. los sabados, para cargar los caballos y/o mulas con los bultos y caminar junto a mi abuela 3 o 4 horas para llegar a la plaza a vender a los “intermediarios” quienes serian los que llevarian en sus camiones la carga a lugares mucho mayores.

Debido a el clima era mas facil y rentable irse a pie con las bestias que dejar enterrado un jeep con toda la carga.

Fui asi como recibi mis primeras lecciones sobre la verdadera dinamica del campo, las injusticias en las que viven por parte de los intermediarios, las industrias, y el desgobierno.

Aunque mis padres, son urbanos, y mis abuelos ya no viven. Este recuerdo siempre estara en mi como algo importante en mi formacion intelectual, donde campesino JAMAS es sinonimo de pobre, ni falto de inteligencia, ni educacion.

Este proyecto papa con yuca me conecta con esa raiz de la cual siento orgullo.

Papaconyuca significa para mi, (talvez mucho mas de lo que significa para algunos de los participantes) una perfecta excusa de mostrar la verdadera cara del Gobierno. No este en particualr. SINO TODOS LOS GOBIERNOS que han destruido a Colombia.

Tuve la grata experiencia de trabajar en el remix oficial

Asi mismo como en un track con el maestro Pernett

Y me uni a los chilenos del sello Konn, y Mauro “Subversivo” Araya quien es un verdadero guerrero que ha recorrido latinoamerica y sus selvas en sus miticos viajes en la busqueda de sonidos que conecten lo indigena con lo contemporaneo, y por ahi sacamos Tierra Malsana: