As We spoke and Caballo get together to drop a Savage Tune called UNU AKS WE featuring Tenor Diamond.
The Swedish As We Spoke are part of the foundation of the amazing Flex Up Crew who have been taking over the dancehall/bass waves for the past year, including Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire or Latino Resiste’s very own Rathero!!
Unu Aks We gets the best of the basshall while keeping the grip to dancehall thanks to the input of Tenor Diamond.
Showing up there is no need to have a drop to kill it on the dancefloor.
Grab the song for #zeropesos

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Caballo & Dav!dX- Monster

monster bc
Caballo & Dav!dX get together to strength the so called “world music” bass diaspora. Relying heavily on Iranian & Middle Eastern music the duo blends their well know Latin vibes to empower the listener to forget about boundaries, or what separate “us” versus “them”. The emphasis on strings and basslines makes MONSTER a unique vibe where moombahton, jungle terror, and world music get a well common cohabitation.
Download it on your favorite format, WAV, AIFF or (HQ)MP3 for free or pay what you want

Caballo- EVIL OUT EP


Caballo is back for 2017!
Evil out grabs the new approach Caballo is trying to reach to his music. Inspired by Agulo Em Ku Duro from Znobia, the track evolves into a drum madness until the BASS comes to create a vortex where madness dances with African drums..

This time he gets help by 3 of the most unorthodox producers out there!
Legendary Brazilian producer Tiger Blood (formerly EduK), savage upcomer Dav!dX (Miami) and Jamaican Carnnibal.

Dav!dX is the pure representation of what TRIBALBASS sounds like.

Tiger Blood goes Dancehall at first, but somehow he manages to switch the tune into complete moshpit by the end of the 3rd drop.

Carnnibal on the other hand, gets even more African with a Ku Duro approach.

Grab the whole EP for FREE right here whole EP HERE

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Caballo & Thombs- Abolengo Rancio


Caballo & Thombs get together to release this Cumbia-meets Moombahton bomb ABOLENGO RANCIO.

This is a statement against racism, social discrimination and any sort of prejudice based on social uprising and money privileges that has been documented all over South America, This behaviour is not new, in fact; it has always been present, except now, it is getting exposed on social media more frequent.

Stand against racism, and social discrimination. One Love, God Bless.


Celso Pina X Erick Jaimez & Caballo- Cumbia Vengadora


A complete homage to one of the most important Cumbia masters from the globe:
CELSO PINA, who gave a new meaning to the sampuesana riddim.

Texas cumbia producer: Erick Jaimez teams with Caballo to drop Cumbia Vengadora, a lyrically aggressive track for a convulsive continent in where corruption and dirty politics have pushed the poverty and inequality into the stratosphere.

Mira Compadre este ritmo pegajoso
Se llama poder el virus contagioso
Lo usa el farsante que manda la nacion
Cobija a sus amigos con toda corrupcion (X2)
Manipula los medios con desinformacion
Pone al pueblo contra la pared
como pescados atrapados en la red
Cortinas de humo para la atencion desviar
Asi en la cima poderse perpretuar
Bailemos esta cumbia, Cumbia poderosa…

La unica salida que tenemos es gozar
Vamos a embriagarnos, salgamos a luchar
Rayemos las paredes, Hagamonos escuchar
De la fuerza publica no debes tu temer,
Solo maniquies del payaso en el poder
Bien ignorantes, Simios asesinos
Manipulados, Intereses clandestinos
Solo se aprovechan del pueblo enganado,
Se aprovechan como sacerdote degenerado
Abusan como politico corrupto
Prendamosles candela como a oleoducto
Bailes esta cumbia… cumbia poderosa

Q&A with Sidestepper (Richard Blair)


We had the amazing opportunity to talk to one of the most influential guys in the expansion of the Cumbia genre in the last 2 decades.

Richard Blair, from Sidestepper.
By scrolling down you will be able to listen to the whole interview.
However, we will try to extract few parts of it, so you can have a context of everything we discussed about.
From the beginning of his fascination for Cumbia, and folklore to the sonic evolution of the band.
Also we talked about his influences and how creative perspectives have sent the band into a less electronic approach, as well as the whole process behind funding, recording and producing Sidestepper latest album: “Supernatural Love”.

On the interview, we talked about the beginning of his amazing career.
More than 25 years ago, a British Born producer, Richard Blair, then a studio engineer for Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records label, found himself working on the album La Candela Viva by Totó la Momposina.

Captivated by the mix of Latin and Afro-Caribbean sounds made by Totó and her band, he made the journey to Colombia to visit her and find out more about her music. Originally intending to stay for just a few weeks holiday, Blair ended up staying in Colombia forever, as he immersed himself in the culture and the music of the country, funding his stay by producing and engineering the early albums by artists who would later go on to be some of Colombia’s best known musicians, including Con el Corazon en la Mano by Aterciopelados and La Tierra del Olvido by Carlos Vives.

Returning to the UK in 1996, Blair began DJing under the name Sidestepper, and set about putting together a band of the same name, with the intention of playing live versions of his new songs mixing salsa, Afro-Colombian coastal music such as cumbia, and British dance music such as drum and bass and dub.

Sidestepper’s first album, Logozo, was released on the small UK label Deep South in 1997, before signing to MTM in Colombia and Chris Blackwell’s US-based label Palm Pictures worldwide.

Hear Maine:

We also talked about More Grip, which was the second album tilting slowly towards the Caribbean sounds of Colombia, while maintaining the Afro-Caribbean roots.
As a sample of that album we can find Linda Manigua which features Andrea Echeverry from Los Aterciopelados who worked previously with Blair.

Blair’s Colombian musical education found that salsa music produced at the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s had a “heavy feeling” to it, which he felt was equivalent to rock bands of the time such as Led Zeppelin and 90s drum’n’bass scene, and which in his opinion was lacking in the modern commercial salsa productions.

While working on La Tierra del Olvido Blair had met the album’s co-producer Iván Benavides, a singer-songwriter who had previously been part of the duo Iván y Lucía, and the two men began writing songs together, which became the most influential Electro Cumbia album of all times.
This album like Celso Pina’s Cumbia sobre el rio marked a before and after in the way Cumbia was approached.

3AM (In beats we trust).
Mas papaya was a game changer.

Aunque me duela la vida, was the link between More Grip, 3 AM and the current scene Colombia was living at the time with Bands like Morphonia, Pernett & The caribbean ravers, Shai, Caballo & The Mothafu Kings, Pielmantra, Bomba Estereo, Mr Gomez en Bombay and many more.

Benavides stopped writing for the group mainly because he moved back to Colombia from New York in order to concentrate on setting up his new project “Toda Via” to promote independent Colombian musicians, and also creative differences with Blair’s vision. Both remain in really good terms, as you can hear in the interview.

Richard Blair dismissed the notion that Benavides had “left” the band, saying that he had never “joined” the group or been part of the live act as a full member, and that the likes of Benavides, Pernett or Andrea Echeverry were simply part of a fluid collective in the creative process.
Some of the same musicians who were working with Vives, and started working with Sidestepper in the early era, pushed the boundaries even further towards organic, less electronic fusion, relying on a full band mindset their released Continental.
In fact, we would like to show how beautiful the act from Sidestepper is done LIVE, and show their performance at the luminato fest.
Some of the musician here are Pedro from Los Piranas/Frente Cumbiero, Teto Ocampo from La Provincia, Bloque, and the usual suspects, Guajiro, Chongo, Erika.

Sidestepper released a mix album, The Buena Vibra Sound System in 2008, consisting of previously unreleased tracks and remixes of old songs. A compilation album titled 15: The Best of 1996–2011 preceded by a new single, “Justicia” with Goyo from acclaimed band ChocQuibTown

We also talked about the way of funding a release being an independent act in 2016.
in fact the band recorded their most recent album in between the individual members working on other musical projects, and raised money for the album’s recording through the Pledge Music website.

The album, Supernatural Love, was released via Real World Records in early 2016.
If you have Spotify you can check the whole album right here

If not, then you can see and support the album directly from RWR here
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Listen to the whole interview right here:





Champeta is one of the most interesting genres from Colombia.

From being extremely banned and underground, became a synonym of reggaeton, to a big chunk of the population.

And zouk and terapia criolla for purists and world music connoisseurs.

However, there are always individuals who do not belong to any of these sectors. And instead prefer to capture their own version of the genre.

Tombs is the latest addition to Latino Resiste’s catalog. In where his Champeta, meets Moombahton and global Bass.

Isa GT, Tombs, J Balvin and Caballo have put their part to make this champeta/Urban Latino EP.. a dancefloor must drop.

Champethon is a 5 track EP, that will be set for FREE DOWNLOAD via Latino Resiste


Caballo & The Mothafu Kings – #ABSURDUS

absurdus back cover

After 2 years. Caballo is back with a whole new album which he decided to go back to his cumbia bass roots and get them to the new bass level.

The actual concept of the album makes it looks spontaneous. However, the album has been crafted to be perceived differently depending on who is listening to it.

If you are European, African, Asian or North American, you will listen to it differently than a Latino will do; however a Colombian will understand it differently as well.

And of course, I know everyone is different.

But what I mean here is the craft in details, they have been put in a way that is open to recognize elements, in a way, many songs will sound extremely close to you as a listener, or totally bass music, depending on where you are from, or how strong your connection with an identity is.

At the same time, songs will be kinda unorthodox, or will be cohesive depending on how many bass genres you listen to.

The album goes for: FREE DOWNLOAD

A way to contextualize this, might be the opening track CULO E VACILE

The album challenges what Cumbia and latin roots are in terms of sounds, but it also has explicit lyrics and organic sounds that complement the sampling process, a lot of the songs you are about to hear, have real drums.

Champeta, Moombahton, Zouk Bass, Dubstep, and Cumbia Bass are the most common genres that will blend into each other.

Chong X and Caballo get together to give a more cumbia-bass, moombahton mashing up Major Lazer & Chupacabras

This is a champeta collab with Molo Diaz, Kinky Electric Noise and Piper Street Band of Sol Okarina’s contacto, which was one of the best indie songs of last year for the Latino spectrum.

Lyrics and Music are really important, so there are tracks that have been designed to be cohesive with the #absurdus manifesto.

There are 3 songs for all the rebels out there: Belief which is a dubstep, This is now the time which is a Dub- Drum n bass and this epic Collab with Colombian Master PERNETT

But for DJS and/or dancefloor appeal there are few tricks in the album as well.. like a dope edit of WOST’s face to face.

Even a cumbia bass direction in a collaboration between Neki Stranac, Caballo, Carnnibal and yes, the epic Ragga twins

The biggest new genre of 2013-4, Zouk Bass, gets a different approach as well in a JSTJR’s Cerveja

Without losing his political focused releases: Absurd is also trying to open the discussion on 3 main elements that unite people from all over the world.

The gap between rich & poor, the tactics politicians do to remain in power, what media filters to manipulate opinion.
absurdus caste

absurdus deutch

absurdus english

absurdus french

absurdus portug

All of this, is absurd. It does not have any logic, and still, we are comfortable in this chaos.

And as you can see; it comes with an amazing art made by CUANTIKA STUDIO
that gives you the option of choosing which cover you want, in case you want to print and burn a CD



All of this for: